I have COPD (emphysema) and

I'm due into hospital on the 26th Sept for a Bullectomy + Lung Resection of my lower right lobe.. apparently I have a cyst the size of a tennis ball..

Has anyone had this procedure as I'm wondering what the process and recovery are like.. I live alone and am organizing some care for when I'm back home..



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carnt help you but good luck hope all goes well x

Thanks ..

I'm preparing so that I go in with a positive attitude ..

Good idea to be prepared - I am sorry I cant help but perhaps the helpline could give you some advise? The best of luck and wishing you the speediest recovery. xx

Hi Jankhan, I can't help with your op but I'm sure someone will be along that has had it done.

Just want to say I hope all goes well for you, I should think you are bound to see some improvement if they are removing something so big. Fingers crossed for you.

Casper. x

Hello Jankhan, I have Emphysema too but I know nothing of the procedure I just wanted to wish you well and send positive thoughts to you, huff x


I do appreciate peoples well wishes. I will keep you posted as to my progress ..


Hi Jankhan I had a Bolectomy 9 years ago you don't say where you having it done I had mine in Guys they were absolutely fantastic and the surgeon Loic Lang-Luzdunski was excellent I was in for 3 weeks mainly because of slight infections but I recovered fine, I do have COPD but that was in the pipeline before the Op.

Hi PompeyBob,

I'm in Yorkshire and having it done at St Jamses, Leeds .. Did you have keyhole surgery, I was told that in 80% of cases they are able to use video assisted keyhole surgery and the recovery is quicker..

As I live alone I'm organising some personal homecare and domestic cleaning while I begin to recover. I'm wondering how the pain management will be as I've read very different accounts.. though I'm usually a good healer..

Thanks .. jan

The only time pain was an issue at all was when one of the two drains I had in was moved other than that I was only on paracetemol after the first three days.

Hi, i had a similar proceedure after i had two punctured lungs within a month, i had a bullectomy and pleurectomy, mine was done using 6 small cuts around my side and back, after the op i had another chest drain in and i won,t lie it is uncomfortable and a bit painfull on movement for a while i had morphine intravenous and pressed when required, recovery time for me after wasn,t to long either but everyone is different and i was only 32ish when i had it done. i have since been diagnosed with Alpha 1 Antitritysin defiency Z phenotype which is a progressive, genetic disorder ive had from birth but all though i have suffered with my lungs all my life i have only just been tested and diagnosed at the age of 41 due to my quick decline in health, anyway back to u, i hope all goes well, speedy recovery, and best wishes for there after, keep us informed how its goes, as im sure everyone on here would say always here if u want to chat. xx sonia xx

Hi Sonia..

Thanks for your reply, it does help to know and share in peoples experiences, and yours does confirm my general impression of what to expect.. I have been in surgery several times these past 12 yrs.. two Orthopaedic and two endobronchial lung, so have experienced self administered pain management..

I guess I'm hoping that it will be short lived once I'm home as I do

live alone..

How have you been since, has it improved your everyday life..

jan x

it did at the time but i hadn't been diagnosed then with the alpha 1 even though i had it nobody thought to test me due to my age and it being rare. i hadn't even been diagnosed with copd at the time it was put down as a sponteneous pneomothorax x2 , the proceedure was done more to try and prevent it happening again and ten yrs later it hasn't as of yet but it's the aplha 1 that is making me worse. hope this helps

It does help and thanks for taking time to reply.. I recently sent off a test kit for alpha 1 to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.. Should hear in 3-4 weeks .. I decided it was worth checking as we never know until it is already happening within us.. I was being treated for asthma for years before I began to question it and eventually received the COPD, emphysema diagnosis, all those lost years of earlier intervention..

If we don't ask we definitely don't get and sometimes have to appeal and keep going back..

Thanks .. I wish you well..


Hello Jankhan,I,m just waiting for my referral to the Royal Brompton to come through for more investigations,not sure what to expect.I wish you well and remember you,re never alone with us lot here.The best of luck.D.

Thanks D.

I hope you get on well at the Royal Brompton, it has a great reputation and I'm sure they will treat you well..

Good luck for your op and hope that your recovery us quick :)


I had a spontaneous phemothrax and my lung completly collasped but what they found in there were a number of giant bulla! On the 1st of June I had the operation to remove the "tennis ball" and "golf ball" sized bullae! I recovered well. For the first week or 2 take it slow and easy you will find you are short of breath and everything you do is tough ! But it gets better! When you sneeze its painful when you cough it's painful but you get use to it! Just be carful let the wound heal! It's more than likley going to get infected so keep and eye on it! I was out and about 2-3 weeks after! But few months on my chest is still numb and slightly painful. Hope this helped

Hi Jacobeden,

Thanks for sharing your experience of having the Bullectomy procedure.. I'm more or less expecting it to be as you described it, I am hoping to have a reasonably comfortable time with the recovery but I know it's wishfull thinking, lets hope I'm lucky..

I'm due in on Thursday 25th with surgery the following morning, I will post my progress once I'm back home and online..

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