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Jarrow to London march for the NHS arrives Saturday

With their concern for the next generation, the amazing Darlington mothers who organised this march to save the NHS are heroines. The link gives its history and the route for final four days. Following the route of the 30s Jarrow march has been an inspiration.

I will be marching on saturday with help of my ambulatory O2 from Clissold Park in Hackney where the march stops for lunch to Trafalgar Square where there will be a hopefully huge rally.

Only the Daily Mirror and local papers have given good coverage. As someone said in another post, pretty much total blackout from the BBC :(

Congratulations to all who have marched, especially the dedicated ones who have managed the entire route. And congrats to the organisers who have had good facilities for people with disabilities.

Long live the NHS - we cannot afford to take it for granted.

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Hi O2Trees I am sorry I cannot be there in person but will certainly be there in spirit. Good luck to all of you lovely caring people.

polly xx


Your spirit will push us along Polly, thank you :)

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I can't get there but my heart is with you. xx


Cheers Toci, appreciated :)

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Good on everyone concerned. Thank you for the heads up 02 - I will be looking out for this locally and if possible will try to be involved in some small way - the Jarrow marchers stopped here during their March - not at my house you understand - so hopefully they will pass this way.

love cx


I meant to give earlier heads up cofdrop. The march has been going 2 1/2 weeks now. Don't know where you live but the link gives a calendar and route. Parvati has put petition link on below. Such an amazing effort by what was originally about 12 young mums in Darlington - making history, and so inspired to follow the Jarrow march route. You take care :)


Thank you 02. Missed the march details for some reason! Sadly I have missed the Leeds date. I have, however, signed the petition and will pass it on.


hI O2 - Good luck for Saturday! I wish I lived closer to London so that I could march with you. As I can't, I have signed and then added the NHS petition to my fb page. Remember to let us all know how you got on after the weekend - take care :) x

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I've shared the petition on FB Van. Also shared info on the March O2. Best of luck on the day and I hope for perfect weather for you. Dry, not too hot or too cold xxxxx

I'm not in London at the weekend either otherwise I'd be beside you xxxx

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Just so you get an alert that i replied peeg - i replied to everyone but scrolled down without entering my replies and had to do them again. And then put yours as a separate reply. Duh :(


Thanks Van! You need a magic carpet so we could go together :) Thanks for sharing on fb, and putting petition here. I will report back, maybe even with a photo if i work out how to put it on. Have a lovely Cornwall weekend, you deserve a relax after your exploits last week xx


Hi peeg, will be thinking of you and all you are going through with your move. I know you'd have been there if you could. Hoping not to hot or cold but also NOT TOO POLLUTED - London sucks that way. Im crossing fingers. Its a bit over 5 miles i think but i don't think they will be going very fast. Rally starts 3.30 which probably means the march will go at just over 2 miles an hour. Got partner and friends alongside to give me a chair lift if i peg out ;) love xxxxx


Right behind you 02 trees, such a very important march, let's hope it gets lots of media coverage , won't be there, but will be helping out at a Labour Party stall highlighting the privatisation of the NHS and will be promoting support for the march. Let's hope the weather to good for you's, what a wonderful event to be part of x x.

Brilliant medow, just as important. My partner is very active in the labour party but on saturday will be active heaving and pushing me along ;) Im very excited but a bit trepidatious too.

Just been for two mile 'training' walk which wasn't easy. We could hop a bus . . . . .

Enjoy your saturday :)

Good luck o2 Trees the NHS is worth fighting for we all need it I hope the weather is on your side

Thanks onamission. Im getting a bit nervous. Another two mile walk today but its years since i walked five.

Just take it slow go at your own pace the fact your doing it is fantastic, I worked for the NHS for many years and I have seen many changes but its great the public are out doing things to support the staff and the NHS

Yes, me too, though not for very long - just 7 years at end of my career. I loved it.

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