Now, in 2014, the NHS is being privatised and dismantled,

I,m hoping to get somebody to push me in my wheelchair to join in the fight.Will you join with us now and prove to the government that our much loved NHS is worth saving Can you join us for the final stretch of our march, at 2pm in Red Lion Square Gardens, Holborn, to Trafalgar Square this Saturday? Or come along to a rally at 3.30pm to celebrate the marchers arriving in Trafalgar Square?

This is the march from Jarrow.Hope some of you can come along.D.

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  • I,m not asking anyone from here to push me lol,just realised that,s what it looks like.If my wife or son won,t do it I won,t go. :D

  • You would think with better organisation the ones with power chairs could give us non propelled jobs a tow.

  • I bet the BBC give the story a news blackout as usual. Rib

  • I would join you like a shot FarmerD if I lived anywhere near London (and I would push you as well). But unfortunately I don't and will be up north this weekend anyway. My thoughts will be with all of the brave marchers and all the supporters like you. Save our NHS! xx

  • I would like to know more about the break up of the NHS. I have heard talk about it so could somebody give me a run through of what actually is happening.

  • Im going to post link pergola :)

  • Could you post me the same link please O2trees. Would be much appreciated.

  • I started a thread with the link in it juney. Also parvati replied to my post with link to the e-petition :)

  • Thanks, O2trees!

  • Hi FarmerD I will be marching on saturday from Clissold Park where the march stops for lunch. And possibly part of friday's. You've reminded me i meant to put a post on forum about the march with link, cheers and enjoy the day. Long live the NHS :)

  • i would push you if i could farmer, but im afraid that would be just impossible, cause im often in a wheelchair,,,,, but i would be there with you., by god i would.

    as everything in modern day life, everything is to do with MONEY, GREED, ETC there are men/woman in the wee offices on the top floors of some obscure buildings make utter fortunes,,,, and with that fortune want to make more fortunes, i,e buy parts of the n,h,s,,,,,, they cant lose, there will always be ill people.i,e, greed

    im in scotland where they are playing on this" rumour" for us to vote yes, for independance,,,,,i,e. save our nhs,,,,, the "wee man" in the street [like me]often doesnt understand all this,, but why does all the english schools get free meals, why did they " try the poll tax in scotland first" long b4 anywhere else,, what about bedroom tax etc etc,, they will soon be putting tax on carpet tacks lol, im now swithering what to vote ,,i,e yes or no

    the world is moving faster than fast, too fast for an oap like me,,,,and full of GREED,, off my soapbox now, on to my nebuliser:),

    breathing still bad, the likes of this," privatise the nhs makes it worse"



  • You've got my vote, Jimmy. x

  • Mine too jimmy. xxx

  • :)

  • You got my vote Jimmy xx

  • Good on ya Farmer. Following 02s link I am looking out for the march through the north. Can't walk far presently as have strep p but would certainly do my best. Not a lot in the medi :-(

    love cx

  • Get Well soon cofdrop. xxx

  • I am hoping our granddaughter is born this weekend in an NHS hospital of course so I will be with you all in spirit. I would push Pete along or run with him to keep up with the scooter. I hope it will be on the news and I will look out for that. Take care all and good luck all the marchers and wheelchair goers too. xxxxxxx

  • Most major 'save the NHS' marches and rallies have not even had a mention on the mainstream news because the [unelected] government don't want people to know the truth about what they are doing to the NHS. They are cutting funding all over the place and are making every effort to promote dissatisfaction with the services we get, along with 'scare stories' about death-rates, bad care, etc.

    They say privatisation is the best thing to get services running more 'efficiently'. But privatisation means simply that services will be provided by large corporations whose ONLY motive is profit.

    Anyway, the march mentioned in this thread can be seen here, with all the details and info about it.

    The NHS must be saved.

  • you put in better words than me westwalespaul,,,,,but the same meaning,, all the best my friend,,,,, jimmy

  • Good luck Farmer D and if you see any labour MPS remind them it was the labour who put the ridicules sanctions on the NHS hospital and its because of this we might loose our hospital

  • I am a member of the Labour Party and I constantly lobby MPs about saving our NHS.D.

  • Pleased to hear it Farmer D we have a PCT at our local hospital and since labour got in most of the services have disappeared the hospital is in a right state good luck for Saturday

  • i bow my head to you and others...admire your efforts.strength and courage

  • ever since Thatcher the Tories have had an agenda to sell off (probably to their mates) anything and every thing from the state they can steal and yes the NHS is part of that agenda, but will be done as now through the back door - and we have been letting them - we owe it to past generations to fight 'enough is enough' I can't physically be with you but am in spirit xxx

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