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I have just returned from a great holiday in Alcudia, Majorca. I was able to organise wheelchair assistance at both airports, oxygen on the flight, liquid oxygen delivered to and collected from my hotel through the EHIC system, and hire a wheelchair, which was delivered and collected from my hotel for 39 euros / week.

Even though we have serious illness some things are still possible.

Most of the information needed to organise this assistance was gained through the kind help of people on this site.

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  • Fantastic. Hope you had a good refreshing of the batteries. A big boost to the spirits.

    People should note there were changes to the ERIC system. See here for details.

    Regards Rib

  • Thanks RibvanRey

  • Oh Boiler that's GREAT, I admire you greatly for organizing all that for yourself, and I am so glad you had a great holiday


    Love Sohara

  • Thank you Sohara, but I got great help from kind people, like you, on this site.

  • Wow I wish I could have the confidence to do that, as it all seems to go wrong at the last minute for me. I have been told that I have to have a fit to fly test 2 weeks before I fly but I have to give the airline at least 3 months notice if I need O2? and then hope that no one else has applied on the same flight! So I am now looking at high speed trains to Barcelona via Paris.

  • My experience is that you can have a fit to fly test done much sooner and you cannot apply for inflight oxygen until 30 days before scheduled flight. I had a letter from my doctor to apply for inflight oxygen, but, because I sent it in about 6 weeks before my scheduled flight the airline would not accept it and informed me that I could not apply for in flight oxygen until I month before my flight. You should check with the airline.

  • I would be interested to know who you were insured with and the cost,most times when we are on oxygen either can't get insurance or it's an astronomical price.How did you like Alcudia,I am planning to go to Majorca in a few weeks,and will probably go with no insurance and just rely on EHIC if anything goes wrong.Oh and what were the temperatures like,have to be careful I am onPifenidone.Thanks sooki.

  • I'm a Stage II COPD sufferer and need supplementary oxy when in the air. I've just returned from a 2 week visit to Crete. The insurance was £350 (which covered any and all eventualities including repat costs). For the flights and holiday use I hired an Activox portable concentrator. I had a fit to fly test and a check up to ensure that I could use pulse oxygen. It's possibly not the norm but, the airline did not ask for any documents or doctor's letter. That said I wouldn't risk going without. The wheelchair service both in the UK and Crete were excellent.

  • Good to hear your positive post. What insurance company did you use.

  • Hi fired ear,could I ask who the insurance was with thank you

  • Sorry fried ear,my computer is playing me up

  • Fredbear so sorry,driving me mad tonight.

  • Like Boiler, I used AllClear. The premium is obviously relative to the severity of one's illness. It would appear that I'm not, in insurance terms at least, as bad as I thought. In actual fact, now I've found the policy document, I only paid £324 and that included my wife. Sorry it's not more helpful but it does answer the question. Good luck

  • Hi boiler so glad to hear you had a good holiday ,is it possible to let me know who you were insured with,my husband & I have a week booked. In Nov,going to Benidorm,but finding insurance for him is a nightmare,as soon as you. Mention he is on oxygen they either won't cover him or they load it,the cheapest I have been quoted is nearly. £700 which is way too much for a week we have ordered the inflight oxygen & have to send a fit to fly doctors letter 1 month before we go,

  • Dear edwina47, I regret that I have to tell you that I have had to pay £612 for one week with a company called 'All Clear'

  • Hi boiler,all clear covered him last year,but won't this year,but thank you for your promt reply,will have to keep looking

  • I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with your search.

  • Thanks,have a nice day

    Regards Edwina

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