Swollen leg and foot

Ihave various respiratory problems and long term health issues i, m classed as very severe .. stage 4. And been on steroids 30 odd years .. But 2 years ago ,right leg starfed swelling and foot as well ! Of vourse everything put down to steroids ! Started o 80 mg frusamide and off ws go ! However no improvment foot getting bigger and leg too till i think its going to burst !woke up 3 times in night with fluid draining out of leg ..so much had to shange bed twice and wrap leg in towel. Needless to say swelling improved this morning ! But going back uo now. Has any one else had this experienceof flujd leakage. ?? Seems strange to me but maybe someone else had this too thanks. Sue

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  • Yes. I have a mate who has leaking legs. His started with DVT and then cellulitis. Rib

  • Thanks for reply see what happens tonight. !

  • Hi Sue. RibvanRey might have hit the nail on the head. That sounds very similar to the cellulitis I had four years ago. Might be a good idea to get your GP to have a look.

    Bobby xx

  • Hi I would ring the GP and see if they will come out to you. I imagine it is painful and generally uncomfortable. I hope you cab get some help soon Best wishes Irene

  • Thank you bobby and irene i,ll see what happens during the nightt ...hopefully no more washing for hubby to do !!! Then ring surgery . That will be the first challange of the day. !!!

  • keeping the leg up and resting should help. I know water tablets are often given but you need to keep an eye on your kidneys.

  • Point duly noted ...day of rest tomorro !!!

  • Hi sue, I have cared for people with the same symptoms that u are saying, steroids do play a big part, try not to stand for to long , wear support stockings/tights during the day, elevate leg when resting, cut down on salt, and eat high potassium foods, bananas and tomatoes but don't take potassium tablets, I have double checked with the nhs website and all are the above will help, but u must still go and see ur GP. Hope this helps, take care. X Sonia x

  • Thanks sonia useful info . Will bear it all in mind tomorro day 1 of new regeime. !

  • Bloody hell Sue,it never rains but pours for you! I have sent you an e.mail..You have had a hell of a week.Love and hugs Laura xxxxx

  • Generally the rule with swelling is if it's arms neck it's hospital job right away ... Ad get docs out as think more should be .. Being done

    Hope things improve for ya cheers all the best

  • Mine not as bad as you describe. Still troublesome though. My doc said if worse would refer me to lymphadema clinic for lymphatic massage etc . He said be on feet as much as can for exercise as leg muscles draw fluid up out of leg. And when sitting feet to be higher than hip . Hope that helps. X

  • Awell thank you all for your input obout my output ! All taken note of. And got appt at docs. Then hopefully plan of action ! My leg was still oozing lastnight but not as much. Thanks again all. X. Sue

  • Good luck to you Sue and keep us updated. Hope things work out well for you. xxx

  • Thank you all for comments and suggestions s. . I dont think it cellulitis because its not inflamed just feels as it at bursting point. ! .you are allways so kind and teady to discuss problens .. its good to have input from people with similar problems My G P and nurse both very kind and careing but sometimes reel every problem put down to being on steroids over 30 years. !!! Went to bed last night with neb on , 02 on plastic bag and towel on leg ....got the picture !! And tht my lord this is not a good look ...how things change. !! Xx. Sue

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