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Further to my previous post I would like to share my experience of the NHS with members,I asked my consultant to put me on the waiting list for valve reduction therapy ( in this prcedure they insert valves in the lungs to reduce pressure) I undertook a scan which was an hour long, plus other tests to assess my suitability , the results were positive and I was given an appointment with the surgeon at the hospital who would carry out the procedure, that went well and I was eagerly awaitng the appointment to have the job done, I was given a further appointment with the consultant but instead of the news I was expecting I learned that the NHS had refused to to finance it, Iam now back to square one, Mike

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Wow they certainly built you up to knock you down. I was due a Pace and Ablate and that was cancelled! they say because of my lungs being worse than they expected?

Be Well

Sorry to hear that Mike. Can you fight it? Would your consultant back you up? x

Unbelievable!! Is there any way you can appeal the decision? Xx

How about private,now you know what you need doing,cannot rely on NHS , it would be worth it in the end,so u can breathe again

Hi Colour 23, the problem is it would cost at least £18.000

i am seeing consultant next week about coils i live in the Leeds area what area do you live x

Hi jeanlock , I'm in Bridgend, South Wales.

That is disgusting!

Sorry to hear that Mike. I'm going to the Royal Brompton for an assessment next week, made me wonder if it's worth the trouble?

Hi Nikkers,make sure and let us know how you get on.I,m waiting for my referral to come through.D.

Will do.

OMG how disappointing and frustrating for you Mike. Hope there can be a satisfactory resolution for you hun.

love cx

Hi Mike,might be worth contacting your MP.They can sometimes put pressure where it,s needed.Good luck.D.

Hi Mike,might be worth contacting your MP.They can sometimes put pressure where it,s needed.Good luck.D.

This is disgusting the NHS was set up to treat people who were ill and when you see that numpty Cameron throwing millions at bariatric operations it makes me mad I understand people who are over weight run the risk of heart attack high blood pressure ect but they can exercise and eat less you procedure can only be done by a surgeon when you go and see the consultant remind him that a gastric band costs £8,000 plus

seems to be no sympathy when it comes lungs we are treated worse than leepers

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