Broken down car !!!

I have decided im like a broken down car, my Alternator to charge my battery is knackered, my ECU (brain) keeps sending the wrong signals ( depression ), my engine ( lungs ) keeps misfiring and my turbo's gone, my water pump ( eyes ) keep leaking water, im putting fuel in ( food ) but just not getting the mileage ( exercise ) resulting with to much junk in the trunk ( bum, belly hips ) glad my hubby and kids love me enough to not have traded me in for a newer model...... im humouring myself today as on the verge of the big black cloud syndrome, and i had an ok day yesterday and don't want to slip back...........hope everyone else is ok today. Take care x sonia x

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  • Loved your post, it had me grinning. Keep smiling, you'll use up more calories doing that than when you're frowning.

    Seriously, I think we can all be susceptible to a down day. Do try and think of the the pros to your condition, and ignore the cons. You get to laze about, and no one questions you; you can decline invitations to events you don't want to attend, and put it down to your poor health; oh, the pro list is endless.

    Today I'm having a pj day, relaxing with a good book x

  • Hi pixiedixie, loving ur pro's will defo keep them to hand for future use, and snap its a pj day for me to . one thing i didn't put is my exhaust keeps back firing ( bad wind ) im sure my inhalers are just filling up my belly not my lungs lol .......

  • Hee hee hee. Nurse told me my back firing was all down to gulping in air. The cure for this is to buy a dog, and blame all the back firing on him, that's what I do x

  • i have a bull mastiff, and believe me, he out does me already and least im just loud he can clear a room good job them kind of fumes don't affect our breathing ( well hope they don't ) lol

  • You trump me (pun intended) I only have a little dog, it's a Shih Tzu, and his trumps have been known to clear out rooms x

  • Hi Sonia, in spite of everything you still have a good sense of humour which is a great thing to have. Try and stay positive if you can and focus on that lovely family of yours. Good luck to you and wishing you well. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks sassy, I class everyone on here as my support family too, best wishes xx Sonia . Xx

  • Hi sassy my humour is the only thing sometimes , but I can't laugh to much I get out of breath now I just do a posh chuckle so it don't hurt, u keep smiling too, and take care. Xx

  • I love pj days :)

  • How's ur smoke free zone going. Xxx

  • its smoke freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • Brill ur doing well I packed up in November last year with my two eldest on the same day I do puff on a tooting pen which has helped have I got help or bin fantastic and just stopped. Xx

  • Hi eyes , they're the best I'm so relaxed and comfy in jimjams. Xx

  • and feet up watching telly or reading a good book - bliss :)

  • a great light hearted post:),, but i feel the same as you at the moment,,, just wish i could trade myself in for a newer model,,, best regards jimmynxxx

  • Thanks jimmy, might aswel have a laugh at the expense if this illness cuz it still the same if I laugh or cry, and laughing lifts the mood sometimes, just a Shame I can't pull into a garage and be fixed. Hope ur well and take care. Xx Sonia xx

  • hi sonia,, aye your right sonia, sometimes hard to laugh,, but what else can you do ,, cry? i think laughings better for if you can manage it,,,,i think if i pulled into a garage to be fixed,,, they would throw me into the scrapheap lol,,, mind you if i went to a vet,,,it might be worse?? D),,, you take care now sonia, regards jimmy xxxx

  • Absolutely loved your post and humour. If this is what you can do under that big thunder cloud, really look forward to reading the blue sky version.

    At present I am like an off roader, not the big chunky kind but the sorn kind! No longer fit for purpose, so looking for a purpose I am fit for!

    I am taking a leaf out of the book of men. I am not lost just exploring alternative routes.

    If you close your eyes real tight, you will find that even in the blackest cloud there is the occasional flash of light to guide you out.

    Take care

    Dozy :) x x x

  • Thanks dozy oh we can be sorn off together I'm definantly an MOT failure. And ur right even when that black cloud comes there is always some sunshine in different ways. Love and take care x Sonia x

  • Love it Sonia trhink there is a few of s that resemble the old banger but you missed of the rust creeping in !!! ..... Anyway think back to your youth a lot of us still resemble an old car - Piston Broke (P***ed & Broke ) Keep smiling and don't let your clutch slip or you'll end up going backwards !! X

  • Hi plumbob, Love it, same humour as me , does us good to turn our illness into a joke sometimes I know it's depressing but it's still there the next day, have to cope with it in our ways. Love and take care x Sonia x

  • I have decided that I am not overweight but in fact to short!

    I do not walk to slow they all walk to fast.

    My memory is fine I just do not want to remember were I put the keys today!

    I do not drink to much because I remember what I drank.

    Hills are what cars were made for.


  • Hi offcut, I will remember them quotes good response to some questions I'm asked lol. Love and take care x Sonia x

  • Thanks all for making me laugh today - I needed it :D xxx

    (Note to self: must get a dog!)

  • Hi qbjb, they do come in handy at times, windy times and visitor times lol, u just have to cope with double the fumes lol. hope ur well x Sonia x

  • Yes, thank you, Sonia! :D xx

  • A Dog has a master a Cat has servants :)

  • 100% spot on :)

  • Ha ha your right but I have both pets so am I a master or a servant.

  • Head butler in charge of the hounds

  • I'm Higgins off the arriva advert not fit for the job but loved so kept on lol. Hope ur well today. Xx

  • HAHAHA, You're an old broke down car & I'm an old Semi Tractor. Been all over the roads in America. Tasted asphalt, dirt & sands from coast to coast. My trailer hitch dropped the last load it could carry & retired without warning. My ECU (brain) works fine it's My engine (lungs) that have misfired, My exhaust's backfired every time the engine misfires & the water pump leaks through every orifice on the body. Oh & don't let Me get started on the body. The chassis squeaks so loud, when it does move about, the alarm goes off in the security pad & I have to change oil again. I had to tone down the fuel intake to healthy, ew, too.

    So I know how You feel My friend, We're still CLASSICS though, Right? :)

  • Hi mad33 , Loving the comments bk , I'm having such a giggle reading them brill to have the same sense of humour, I'm not quite ready to class myself as a classic just yet but I'm just my family think I'm a collectable. Love and take care. Sonia xxx

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