Asthma / OSA

Not really sure what to writ here I'm nick adams live in Ballingry fife but born in bedford Bedfordshire. I've had chronic asthma since I was a child and up to the age of 16 I was in a out of bedford hospital every 5 or 6 weeks, I became part of the furnetcher I've been a long list of drug and in 2004 I was dyegnosed with OSA I was under the care of Dr Ian smith at pappworth hospital but when I moved up to fife I became a patient of the royal infirmary of Edinburgh

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  • Hi Nick, welcome to the site. its great for support, advice and tips with a lovely group of people. xx sonia xx

  • Thanks Sonia was looking to see if there we're sleep apnea group not found one yet

  • welcome - you will get great support from this group. Take care :)

  • Welcome to the site you will learn a lot from this site so keep asking and somebody will probably have a answer for you so good luck and welcome again

  • theres one hear , hope it helps and nice to have you with us,x

  • this is another link, x

  • welcome to the site,,,im edin royal infirmary too, along with the western general,,,part of the furniture there as well lol,keep posting, its good to hear from you,, jimmy

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