I have got my O2 at rest up! But?

As some of you know I have had a hectic few months lately. Broke my foot week before we moved, Mother critically ill with Acute Leukaemia. Mother passing away and then dealing with the funeral and house etc. We had to clear the house that was full of all sorts, but of no use to anyone. (A bit of a hoarder needed 2 skips) to help things along try and get our new house into a our home. So new wardrobes carpets Etc. Etc.

My very busy son's have been a great help with a lot of this.

Now back to my headline statement I have been pushing myself to get as much as I can done as quickly as I can! This is were it gets strange I am showing as much as 96% at rest! but do not feel any better at all. My lungs hurts all of the time and I now seem to get out of breath even quicker?

I do my stair benchmark tests and they have not improved like my at rest stats. My stairs benchmark test is once up the stairs 88/90% twice up the stairs 78/85% and they have not changed? When we go shopping I am having to take deep breaths more often to get me around the store?

For those that do not know me I have Restrictive Lung Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Paralysed Diaphragm, Atrial Pulmonary hypertension plus a few heart problems and arthritis and one or two minor issues.

Any Ideas?

Be Well

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  • Hi

    As you have mentioned moving house, new carpets. Are being affected by the fibres released when carpets are new, have you had the house repainted?

    It seems you may have been affected by the moving, extra dust and fibres, paint odours,

    Have you done a lot of extra cleaning using cleaning products which may have affected you breathing?

  • Yes pretty much all of the above but it is the higher at rest that is confusing me?

  • Hi offcut, sorry to hear about ur mom and ur broken foot and ur illness on top of all that to cope with, it is true new carpets release dust and fibres so that probably hasn't helped, i have A1AD and keep being told emphasema/ copd shouldn't cause pain but my lungs hurt to, all the time, worse on moving the feeling is either they are being squeezed at the bottom or like balloons filling up with water and getting heavy with a dragging down feeling ( sorry for the description not medical at all but thats how it feels to me ) also sitting upright or standing does the same, the only place i feel ok is sitting propped up on my bed. I hope things improve for u soon. Take care x sonia x

  • I think it is the scaring that has given me the pain it is just constant at the moment.

  • Sounds to me like you're really overdoing things and way too much lifting, hauling etc. We all like to be independent and as active as possible but in my experience you pay dearly when you overdo too much.

  • It has been a case of trying to get things out the way ASAP. I just do not see why my at rest stats are higher when I feel so SOB on minor activity?

  • Hi

    With your level of activity , and taken longer deep breaths will increase your oxygen levels above normal.

    Similar to breathing exercises.

    Once you are sorted and settled you should get back to your normal self.

  • Makes sense, I would love for it to have been an improvement! I am feeling very kna(3£45d at the moment Onwards and upwards.

  • Offcut you sound as if you have been very busy and had a very stressful time. If you are sure you have not got an infection lurking - it could just be the stress and the new house. Paint fumes, carpets, all the dust and upheaval. Hope you feel better very soon. xxx

  • I do have a habit of going from clear to pneumonia in days. I do not usually have this constant pain I have at the moment. Since I posted I am bringing yellow/green sputum up so a trip to the GP might be a good idea. I know RLD is a bit of a weird one with the way it can be read I do not have a change in my peak of 350 so my capacity has not improved?

  • How about you have increased your muscle mass so you have an increased ability to use the oxygen at rest as well. Change will be more noticeable at rest than when doing something.

    Am I getting myself muddled? If so sorry and just take care

    Dozy :) x x x

  • No that does sound like a plan my arms are firmer and chest a little less flabby. Shame the belly does not want to play as well though ;)

  • Hi offcuts so sorry about your loss deeply sorry.

    Yer its seems like pile on at times but its good your staying active.

    Have read quite abit on sats and o2 and i think its as @dozydoormouse say's about muscle antropey and oxygey and mass tone needs oxygen

    Personaly a think lung diease is a two edged sword but we do need to stay as active as we can with out killing it as you need to maintain a healthy tolarance

  • That's the problem you need to keep moving but it has to be to a level that is not making you feel worse. I have done most of the hard stuff now so might get back to feeling half human.

  • Hi yes know how you feel you think you making headway then you nocked on ya ass

    Hope you start feeling benerfits keep up the good fight fella

  • Always a fight in me ;)

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