Whoop, feeling better. X

Morning all, just like to say a HUGE THANKS to everyone who messaged me yesterday and gave me lots of support on a very dark day for me, I'm not great today but am a bit brighter, bit more determined today, although still didn't sleep great I'm up Sunday roast all prepared, washing on, and now I'm gonna have that bubble bath that was suggested yesterday, get the kids to do my hair, clean pj's on already to chill for the afternoon. Hoping this feeling at the mo lasts all day, if I don't expect to much of myself, accept the help when offered, maybe I won't beat myself up so much in the things I can't do anymore and appreciate the things and people around me instead. Anyway hope every one is ok , take care and enjoy ur Sunday. Xx Sonia

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  • Hi Sonia so glad you are feeling a bit better than yesterday. You do sound brighter. Can I come round for Sunday lunch please? xx

  • Of course u can I've got chicken or pork whats your preference lol. xxx

  • Sorry coughalot very selfish of me how's u today did u sleep ok. Xxxx

  • sorry didn't see posts yesterday, but glad to hear you are feeling better today. The past months have given me some really down days, and I am sooooooo glad I have come out of that for a while. Have a lovely day and I am drooling at the thought of a roast dinner..haven't had one in months and months. ENJOY!!!!!!!! :)

  • Hi Louisiana, good to hear ur in an ok place at the mo, my favourite meal is a roast would eat it everyday if some one cooked it for me ( although I like my own gravy ) but then again I like steak and chips, curry all in all I like food my only pleasure these days. Xxx

  • Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy :)

  • I know I've turned into a right little miss piggy I've always loved good food, but now I've packed up smoking and end up in bed watching cookery programmes food just tastes great , I love CSI too but I don't want to kill anyone n

  • If you were born in 1972 (am assuming that's the case from your name tag) then it makes sense you like CSI - my favourites are Foyle's War and Miss Marple. Foyles War is my most favourite of all because it represents the era I grew up in (and the acting is superb.)....ooops am I supposed to be chattering on this website????? - please continue not to kill anyone. :)

  • U can chatter all u like , strangely when I was younger I loved Ironside, murder she wrote, diagnosis murder, but I've now up graded to csi only seem to love the yankie shows. Hate soaps, love come done with me, turned into a real tv buff since being in bed a lot. Xx

  • Yes I'm a 1972 baby, I'll be 42 on the 19th December. Xxx

  • Will there be Yorkshire puds ??????

    Glad to hear you are having a better day :) :)

  • If I could I would cook u all Sunday roast, yorkie puds, stuffing balls, roasties, veg, onion sauce , mmmm, sending it out in thought to u all. Xxx

  • That's grand to hear! Keep it up xxx

  • Thanks wendells, ur joke did make me chuckle this morning that one is just right for my sense of humour. Xxx

  • Sounds like a good day to me Sonia, Enjoy. Take care nannyb xxx

  • Thanks nanny b, ditto to u too. Xxx

  • Glad you feeling better today :)

  • Me too, how's u ?? Xx

  • Feeling a bit low tbh x

  • sending good wishes....hope you're a little brighter now. Have a nice evening :)

  • Oh I'm sorry, hits us all on different days for different reasons, here if wanna chat, had my bath and knackered now so on the bed on my laptop and I constantly check in on here, chin up and take care. Xxx

  • Hi Sonia, I've been reading and enjoying your posts for the last few days and realise I haven't said hello to you yet. Love your dark sense of humour and bolshy attitude to the 'plague' we all suffer from. Nice to see someone giving it a kick in the a**e :) . Sounds like you've had a very productive day today amd anyone who's cooked a Sunday roast deserves a rest ( if not a medal). Also sounds like you've got loads of get up and go left in you despite the illness, so keep on giving it welly.

  • Hi argana, hello to u to, u get my humour lol, I have my bad days but who doesn't, although there seems to be a lot of people on here older than I am with a lot more kick a**e than me, inspirational, love it on here always cheers me up, makes me smile. And after dinner my get up got up and went lmao, well wot more can I ask for..... My bed always welcomes me when I need it, I have this site to inspire me and my family to love me, with all of that ( apart from the odd crappy dark day ....well lots of em lately ) I will try and give life welly, thanks argana and nice to meet u. Take care x Sonia xx

  • Good news Sonia and glad to see you are feeling brighter. Have a wonderful rest of Sunday. xxxxxx

  • Hi sassy I'm bk on my bed exhausted now but have had a better day so thank u and hope ur ok and enjoyed ur Sunday too. Xx

  • We had a nice day with friends thanks. Take care Sonia. xxxx

  • Good glad u hear. Xxx

  • That was suppose to say glad TO hear, blummin predictive txt lol

  • Aww Sonia, soo pleased to hear that you are feeling better, it is very evident from your post that you are in a much better place today. :) x

  • Hi Ruth you know I don't know if anyone else is the same but I seem to bounce up and down like a yo yo yesterday was awful, I'm in the same boat today but feel better sometimes I wake up ok then something stupid either makes me angry or I'm in floods of tears, do feel sorry for the hubby and kids I'm very unpredictable at the mo but they all seem to understand most of the time, think my kids are a tad worried as they have got to be tested to see if the have the A1AD like I have as it's genetic then I suppose I'll feel guilty if they have and they'll worry they will end up like me horrible vicious circle, but hey lighter note, I've had an ok day today yeyyyy. Xxxx

  • Aww that's great to hear Sonia. Good to know that the family are understanding, that must help when you are feeling down. Lets hope that the children get positive outcomes and if not I'm sure they will not blame you ( us mums never stop worrying about our kids lol). Chin up Sonia and as you know there are lots of good people on her to talk to if you need it. :) x

  • Thanks Ruth I'm sure ur right, and no we don't my moms always worried bout even though she has her own health issues, but we all support each other , I have my family and now I have my support friends on here aswell. Xx

  • Love your attitude of gratitude:) that really helps your brain make happy vibes. X

  • Thanks Julie, give thanks were needed, all of u on here are brill, so grateful for the support, I try and message most posts that come on as it's suprising how nice it is to receive a response , just knowing people took the time to read and reply is uplifting and supportive , even though they are travelling in the same boat and the ride gets rough sometimes , nice words, advice and sometimes a kick up the ass does me good. Xxxxx Sonia xxxx

  • Yes...fab bunch of folk here. Don't know what I would have done without it. So much helpful info and advice. Feel cuddled sometimes:) xxx

  • Ditto. Xx

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