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Hospital appointment

Well attended my appointment today with copd specialist, had ecg and chest x-ray, got to go back on Monday for bloods and wait for appointments for chest, throat and heart scan plus lung function.

I am a bit disappointed I thought I would get more information about my condition EG: FEV and at what stage copd I am, but will have to wait again but hey ho I have only been waiting since May, so no rush then.

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Hi btown, always a waiting game with results they forget we worry ourselves with not knowing. Take care and best wishes for ur results. Xx


Thanks Sonia, suppose I have no option, but it takes so long, all I want is to know where I am up to.

T ♡


I still can't get over the shock that you got a hospital clinic appointment on a Saturday. My county hospital would be pushed to find someone to resus you on a weekend.

Regards Rib


Hi Rib , our hospiral works as normal at weekend just no vampires to do bloods Ha !


Oh the joys of life in rural England are never ending. The next county even employs eye surgeons. Ours don't. Even on weekdays. Rib


It took my GP over 2 years to acknowledge I had a lung condition. At least you are in the system now and it does not seem to want to work swiftly I am afraid.

After you visit to the consultant ask for the GP letter to be cc'd to you too.

Be Well


Thanks Offcut, I will ask for cc.


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