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Wheezing waking me up

Hi anyone got any tips on how to ease wheezing throughout the night its waking me up, i have severe copd and the last week my breathing as been the worst, theres no visable infection, i just feel so drained and you can hear my chest, should i take my stand by antibiotics and steroids wen theres no visable infection , i have had plurasy twice this year so maybe its on its eay again. Thanks

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All depends as to whether there is some discomfort to the right or left side of the chest and of course if any the colour of the sputum you may be coughing up if any doubt at all there is the 111 number for non urgent emergency's as yours may be classed as


I care for my husband who has severe Copd. The respiratory nurse told us to start the antibiotics and steroids if two of the following get worse-

More coughing

More breathlessness

More sputum and change of colour of sputum

If you are not any better by Monday I would go and see the doctor. It maybe you need a change in medication. Or you have an infection hanging around. But we have learned not to wait - if you have any doubts start taking the meds and then go to the doc on Monday. Hope you are feeling much better xxxx


Thanks tadaw, i took my antibiotics this morning and steroids, i have had pain in my left lung so i think maybe the start of plurasy, i have had it twice so Il go to docs on Monday.


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