Weekend Wit (just a couple of quickies !!) Enjoy

Hi all - It appears that a lot of you are suffering a bit more lately! think a lot of it is down to the change in the climate with autumn approaching.

Here's a couple of quickies which will hopefully cheer you up ?

Might not be able to put the weekend wit on next week as I'm of to Newport for my Daughters wedding (Speech prepared) -But the Government still managing to cause chaos as they are holding NATO conference at Newport and commandeered the 3 top hotels and enforced roads closures making problems for all the guests travelling down!!

Moan Over- Now enjoy the humour and stay strong

A recent article in the local newspaper, reported that a woman, has sued the local Hospital,

saying that after her husband had surgery there he lost all interest in sex.

A hospital spokesman replied: "Her husband was admitted for cataract

surgery. All we did was correct his eyesight."

An elderly lady went to the doctor and asked his help in reviving her husband’s sex drive.

“Why don’t you give him Viagra?” the doctor asks.

“Oh, no,” the woman replies. “He doesn't even take aspirin for a headache.”

“That’s not a problem,” the doctor tells her. “Just crush up the pill and slip it into his coffee. He’ll never even know.”

Several days later, the old woman returns to the doctor, and he asks her if his suggestions worked.

“Oh, Doctor!” she exclaims. “It was horrible! I did just as you said and as soon as he finished his coffee, he jumped up from the table, ripped off my clothes and took me right there on the table, we made love for a whole hour!!”

“And that was horrible?” the doctor asked, puzzled.

“Oh, the sex was wonderful!” the old woman exclaimed. “But I can never show my face in that coffee shop again!"

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  • Ha Ha Ha plumbob, wonderful. You've cheered me up for the day. Good luck with the Wedding and the speech. No adding anything too cheeky and embarrassing your daughter!!

  • :D :D

    Have a lovely wedding. x

  • Ha ha,I think your daughter better check out your wedding speech!! Do hope you make it there with the road closures!!

    In all seriousness have a wonderful day,we will look forward to hearing about it,hugs Wendells xxx

  • Hi Plumbob, Loved the jokes, still laughing, just what I needed. Hope you have a wonderfull time at your daughters wedding. Take care nannyb xxx

  • love it suits my wicked sense of humour

  • That's what caused the furore in our local Costa Coffee. :-)

    Brilliant plumbob. Hope the wedding goese well. x

  • Love your jokes, I will miss them next week. Do enjoy the wedding. A proud father giving his daughter away. I am sure your speech is perfect . Hope we get to see pictures.

    Kindest regards


  • Hi, made me chuckle so have just copied them and sent to my mom. Hope u have a fantastic weekend at ur daughters wedding. Xxx

  • Thank you Plumbob oh my goodness I will be laughing for a week !!

  • I love the cataract joke particularly, lmao :D

    Have a wonderful time xx

  • lol thank you xx

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