Very teary today

Morning every1, having a bit of a downy day today, crying a lot and generally feeling sorry for myself. Didn't sleep well last nite very itchy skin , swollen hands and feet ( part of the liver condition with A1AD ) and now I have a huge abcess in a very discreet place, mouth full of ulcers, argh, does it never end, made for a very irritable and uncomfortable nite.

I find it very hard to stay positive when others things get thrown in the pot to deal with as well as the everyday condition. I know a lot of my other aliments are due to me being run down but now I've got them aswel I've got the "can't be bothered" syndrom today. Oh well I know I got a lot to be grateful for and I know there's people worse off then me, but today it's a feel sorry for me day. Hope everyone else is ok. X panda eyed Sonia xx

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  • Morning Panda eyed Sonia, come and join me I'm panda eyed too, didn't sleep well. Got up with a fed up tired b***** everything and everybody attitude. Let's live it up together. Hope you feel improved soon. xx

  • Hi Suzy if I had the energy id be there dragging us both out living it up, made me smile thinking of it though, sh*t ain't it oh well hopefully better tomoz always tomoz. Take care. Xx

  • Hi sonia, Had one of those days yesturday, waiting for sputem tests, so they know which antibiotics to give. Wanted to do something, but did now know what to do. was feeling tired all day, ended up doing nothing watched tv all day, glad I did because I watched a old take of Dinner ladies on sky, and that made me laugh, there was a part were sonia said she went to a funeral and when the curtains closed on the coffin, they played the count down music. couldnt stop laughing, might just be my sense of humour but it worked for a while, took my mind of my ailments. Going to force myself to do something today.

    Hope you have a better day today, sending Hugs nannyb xxxx

  • Thank you so much for posting your TV experience. I have never watched that show. I am adding that music to my funeral plan. It is totally me. Regards Rib

  • Oh Sonia, not nice to have such painful things going on. How are you supposed to sleep? You are entitled to have a "sorry for you" day and why not. Hope things improve as the day goes on and that you get a better nights sleep tonight. Watch X-Factor, that might send you off! Sorry to all those who love it by the way.

    Take care and wishing you well. xxxxx

  • Hi sassy, just got bk into bed thanks for that. Big hugs and u take care aswel, xx

  • Thanks for the hugs gonna need it, need to pop out and really don't to but once done I can get bk in bed and try and get some sleep might make me feel a bit better. Choosing clothes for the weather is bad enough but now I have abcess aswel , wanna go out in my pjs if only I could lol. Big hugs back x Sonia x

  • Aw Sonia, sorry you're having a crappy time :( hoping for something nice to come along and cheer you up xx

  • Hi shimmey, fingers crossed , can't plz plz get any worse ( I know it can lol but not today ) xxx

  • Hi Sonia,don't blame you for the teary day,poor love,you are in the wars.Having that abscess on top of everything else,would be hard to handle.Life is just not fair at times!

    Do hope you can pop back to bed later,& have some good zzzzs.

    What a lovely photo on your

    Do hope things turn around soon,

    Love & hugs Wendells xxxx

  • Thank u wendells just reading replies always cheers me up, big hugs and take care. Xx

  • That pic was off my sons 18th birthday party. And thanks for the compliment. Xxx

  • Hi Sonia sorry to hear you are feeling down. Everything just gets on top of you sometimes and it becomes too much. I had a day like that last week when enough is enough and couldn't cope. Go back to bed later and hopefully you will get a sleep and then do something that you like. Watch a dvd and try and take your mind of your illness. Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • Hi, we just seem to get lots of these days for one reason or another, can only get better plz plz. Big hugs and take care. Xxx

  • Hiya Sonia I didn't have a good night either so can I join the club please. :) x

  • Hi coughalot u can join my club any day lol, always here for everyone like u all are for me, big hugs and take care. Xxx

  • Hi sonia sorry to hear you are felling so down it must be very difficult for you. I hate itching so I take an anti histamine tablet every day. May be a nice warm bath with some lovely bubble bath would help to cheer you up and make you feel a little better. Best wishes Irene

  • Hi Irene, bubble bath sounds lovely, this might sound stupid but haven't got the energy for one today hopefully better tomoz and will dive in one, I've actually made myself worse given myself a stinking headache due to the crying I think, I've got my pj's on sitting comfy on my bed with my huge doggie ( I've got a bull mastiff ) keeping me company, hopefully will shake myself my up tomoz and have a better day. Take care. Xxxx

  • Hope you have a much better night tonight with lots of love TAD xx

  • Thank u, I'm hoping to, and to all, I wish u all a good nites sleep, pleasant dreams ( coughalot ) and good awakenings. Will let u know how it goes in the morning. Xx Sonia xx

  • Hello Sonia, I have had two days like that in quick succession and everyone has been feeling the benefit of my tongue! Neighbours, friends, relatives, the lot have been at the receiving end of very abrasive remarks! Actually wishing that my so-called health specialists could be around as they would now be having the tongue lashing of their lives! I am never that submissive with that lot but maybe if I raised my abrasive game I would get somewhere! I just feel that all my problems are down to their non-help, non-care! However, I hope you are feeling better yourself and ignore my mood - it will improve!!! So pleased, though, that I am not alone with having these feelings! Take care. Juney

  • Hi juney I know how u feel, but it's just a shame we have to scream and shout b4 people actually stop and listen to us not nice when u get dismissed off all the time . Hopefully ur mood will lift ....but while u have it try and say all what u want to, stuff u just let go normally , but it will help u get things done that need doing, write it down if it's for another day then U won't forget wot it is u want done, other wise we mellow so ok no probs then it builds up again and we explode ( does us good sometimes ) smiling to myself cuz it sounds just like me. Take care juney. Xx

  • Hi Sonia 1927. I know how you feel and hope that you are feeling much better soon, at least emotionally.

    Ruth X :)

  • Hi Ruth, good and bad days, but thank u and take care. Xx

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