Iceland volcanic activity

The post about pollen count reminds me of the 2010 volcanic eruptions. Before the publicity started, I felt absolutely dreadful and couldn't understand why, subsequently realising it was the ash affecting my breathing very badly.

It looks like we may be in for another bout of the same and I'm sure I'm not the only one going to have problems so thought it worth a warning mention ... :(

Keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed it doesn't happen!


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  • hi qbjb, i felt like i was on a volcano last week:) [,i,e water works]

    but on the serious side, my breathing has been bad the last few days, its bad right now 7,30 am, nebs and meds all done, still laboured breathing,, oxygen levels ok, no infection [now] sputum sample cleared by doc. ,,,,, so im wondering why i am getting these laboured breathing attacks at the least bit exercise, even walking to the toilet,, i wondered if it was pollen, or some allergy, but ive did garden for years,and nothings changed in the house [except for me lol],,,,

    anyway, sorry qbjb, ive diversed a wee bitty , its just that you got me thinking [if thats poss:) ] ,,,,, i felt same as you in that icelandic volcanic eruptions in 2010,,,[the fine dust was on all the cars here],, lets hope were not in for that again,,,, and im nearer iceland [i dont mean the shop lol],,being in scotland,

    anyway, as you say, lets hope this doesnt happen, but worth the warning from you, to keep our eyes open on any news, of this,,,, lets just hope it doesnt happen,,

    thanks for an interesting post,,,,jimmy

  • Morning all - Jimmy that is interesting about your breathing. My husband has really been noticeably much worse - last night he was really struggling. I thought my hay fever was over - stopped taking the daily meds but in the last few days have needed them again, waking up with itchy eyes, nose, wheezing etc. My husband has also started to suffer with hay fever though never used to. Lets hope the ash keeps well away and your breathing gets much better. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi TAD - it really is a strong possibility that we have got ash around ... it feels similar to 2010 ... xx

  • You've had enough to cope with recently Jimmy - I just hope you feel better quickly.

    Actually, If it is the ash, at least we know what's causing our current breathing problems and it will clear away then we might all get back to normal (whatever that is!)

    That's my theory anyway. Perhaps we should put all our vacuum cleaners on 'blow' lol!

    Jude xx

  • Morning qbjb, I think having listened to the news intently that this ash thing maybe the authorities being a little over cautious. Fingers crossed! Take good care, TAD xx

  • Hi sorry to hear you all having the same as me chest tight could not think of why awake in night had to go on my neb let's hope it clears soon

  • Hear hear! :)

  • Hi, don't know about the ash but I have struggled this year with the pollen and seem to have spent most of this summer indoors not being able to do a lot and soon the cold damp weather will be upon us and again I'll be more indoors feel like a hermit watching the world go by from indoors just so I can breath easier. I do have four kids and a husband so I get plenty of exercise trying to keep up with daily chores , don't always manage to get them done but like they say it's the thought that counts lol. Take care all. Xx

  • I think about chores too lol but don't do any!! :D


  • Keep my eye on the ash it's rainy n damp at the moment,I'd like to spend a few months in the sun in the winter,I'm sure it's possible,as I'm not on oxygen ,so I do very little so I'm not out of breathe.i love my iPad ,that's a sitting down job,lol.

  • Go for it Colours but opposite direction to Iceland! :)

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