One For The Ladies Women Girls Who Are Pre Menopausal

One For The Ladies Women Girls Who Are Pre Menopausal

Yep GIVEN my own BLOODY epersode with my stanly knife

I could not understand how pre menopausal women ladies girls cope with preiods inflamation and lung diease.

Anyway i was quite ignorant to womens trouble just thought it was one of them thing's

But i realised that there must be lots of ladies pre menopausle who have lung diease and even suffer a great deal.

So i have come to the conclusion given my own bloody inflamation experience that there is no such thing as equalty when it comes to lung disease when it comes to men and women WELL untill post menapausle then things even them self out But by then is the damage done.

Given response from my lung doc i feel this needs highlighting role inflamation plays and treatment received esp if you have lung diease.

I accept most women taking antiinflamatries drugs for lung diease are of the elder type thus post menapausle and stuff like that they left behind them.

But we are talking about Periods & Menstrioul Cycle and Lung Diease Inflamtion.

Anyway my question is how many women who are pre menopausal have not been sterlised with clips or stamples have noticed problems with breathing when due on

Mainly : sweating dizzy lethargic breathing worce once a month

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  • Dont ask me, Daz, me and the menopause parted company many moons ago. But I do admire your research and I know there are some that will find it useful xx Pergola

  • Hi pergola1 thanks for commenting on me post .. A know its not easy subject to talk about but unless people do women are guna get rough end of the stick

    But as link points out not alot is known about this ... could it be as its just women as i surspect why not much is known or done

    One as to ask if it was a guy suffer pretty much like what i am doing would more be known done

    Thanks again for getting the ball rolling :)

  • A few years ago I had n ectopic pregnancy and had my left tube removed, I had a load of clips and stitches in, it was very painfull and when im due to start I have pains in the bottom of my back and stomach, the week before im due on I get pains then when im on I flood for 3 days its heavy, at this time im using my ventolin more than usual, then when ive come off im ok back to normal, ive not been sterilized and I still have my right tube and 2 overies, ive lost a clot odd times and it feels like theres somatt stuck then the clot comes out, my gp said its ok tho, ile watch when I start again which is soon ,interesting post thank you Daz ,x

  • Hi Twiceshy3 thanks for sharing that with US a dont think i or others would be so brave ..

    Am so sorry about your suffering and eptopic pregnancy .. wish i had answers BUT unless we talk about it WE will never get answers proper treatment and in some cases JUSTICE

    Yes i to had GF who had same thing i was lot younger and nieve she had been sterlised but clamped twice on both tubes

    Only thing we knew something was wrong when she started having black discharges .. Is something am not guna go on about but i commend you on sharing it with us a really do know how hard it it must of been x

    Am sure women are defo getting ruth end of the stick when it comes to preiods inflamation and lung diease

    Also cant forget about effects post tubal litagation i.e mainly effects of doc's streching removing stuff

    Thanks twiceshy3 x

  • Bravo for post. Yes, me trusting is bad enough without it affecting breathing as well - I didn't know this so thanks for the information Daz. P xx

  • Hi peeg am not sure whant you mean at first part of you comment but al have a punt

    Yes trust can have so many meaning i.e to do right thing or in confidance or both of witch i respect when it comes to trust BUT for this instsnce yer all go on a tad as it helps the cause mainly my post is about 2 x girlfriends and doctors gp neglect and me my own experiance with my stanly knife and inflamation and lung diease.

    Anyway over the years with my various girlfriendd i have alwas been good listner and taken interest in how they are feeling.

    When really a should of just been down the pub .. but if is not how you are you are you are guna show a interest esp if you love care about some one

    Which brings me to my post yes my gf referd to in here died of recurrent cancer and am sure as i described was start of her problems

    Sure i was not going to say anything in order not to upset others but in interest of trasparacy cause and in order for others not to get wrong end of the stick given women already get a raw deal and why i did such a post a think needs must.

    Anyway yes my other girlfriend one i have paternity issues with as same problems heavy periods iron defecancy and well her doc's would rather blame bi poler then being sterlised or post tubal litagation for her problems.

    So as you can see i have just cause for saying women get ruth end of the stick as girlfriends i cared about very much have been in my opinion let down be medical profession and just fobed off as part of life when clearly its not and as i have shown women defo get a worse deal than men ..

    Thats for comment peeg cheers

  • Ah, predictive text - should be menstruating!! Not me trusting doh!

  • Hi peeg ups am not deleting my reply took

    me pure time that

    Anyway cheers is all good thanks

  • Sorry to hear the other things re your girlfriends Daz. You're obvs one of the good ones. My son is also very understanding in this way. He's a great support to his previous girlfriends and now his partner. They are going through IVF in France at the moment and I know he'll be holding her hand all the way, day and night. Regards, P

  • Hi Peeg I agree "our" Daz seems "one of the good ones". Cheersxxx

  • Hi Daz.

    I've had lung disease all of my life and had 3 children. I can honestly say that I never noticed the disease made any difference to my monthly functions! I was always one of those that had very painful periods and often heavy, but it never affected my breathing as I recall. I did however continue until I was 56 years old having regular periods, and that's quite late from what I understand? I wish there was a "cut off" time for lung disease, so we could have a future time to look forward to and enjoy our Autumn years better!

  • i have just had a quick glance at that link and my brain isnt switched on enough yet to tackle it

    when i was first having breathing problems about 2 years ago i told my gp it seemed to get worse when on menstrual cycle ...i thought i was losing the plot and she just gabbled something that i didnt understand

    I can say for me ive noticed things going on at that breathing is most definitely worse and im tortured with cramps in my feet and toes in the past few months

    I dont know what has made you look into this but i have never mentioned it to anyone other than my gp then i just put it down to coincidence and got me thinking now !

  • Hi Mandy (and Daz) I just skimmed through that paper in the link from Daz. It is very interesting and it reports evidence that there is a strong link with female hormones and incidence and progression of inflammatory lung conditions such as asthma, COPD and CF. It has also been shown that in asthma, FVC and FEV1 are affected by the stage of menstruation cycle, and further that in asthma, emergency visits to emergency departments was highest at a certain stage in the cycle. Female hormones are implicated in affecting formation of oxidative species that injure lung tissue, interfere with excretion of chloride in lungs etc and thus it is proposed that these hormones may be the reason why females tend to fare worse in terms of rate of inflammatory lung disease (meaning, for example, smoking less and getting lung problems comparatively more readily and also having a higher rate of post puberty onset of asthma) and prognosis. So Mandy seems like what you have been observing might indeed be real... Take carexxx.

  • Hi Daz I have two children the first was two months premature born by forceps and the placentae broke up I ended up in ITU and 22 units of blood.

    My second child was born normal I was given a injection to stop any bleeding however years later when I cut myself I bleed for hours my GP thought I had cancer because of this and the bruising I didn't thank God but I have been tested for Lupus I have 10 of the most common signs but at present I'm not being treated for Lupus.

    Due to my excessive bleeding every month my GP fitted a marina coil and now I don't have a menstrual cycle witch is bloody fantastic but I can't say my breathing gets worse.

  • hiya ona mi 2 was delivered at 8 months cuz thay was both breech, and its dangerous to go full term, thay took me in and started me of on the drip, you have yer legs up in the stirrups , so you cant run lol, then a doctor delivers them because a midwife cudnt , then its the forceps to get the baby out, my 1st her1 foot came so the doc put it back and pulled her 2 feet out together then the rest, but i was cut from back to front on the 2nd as she was n assisted breech , i was cut on the 1st but not as bad as the 2nd tho, then when i was hme the pains started bad omg i rang and the nits sent the midwife owt fir a hme birth lol i said ive ad her but the pains are creasin me up, she cheked mi stitches n took 4 owt the titeness creased me up, and the clots was heavy then, but we get thro it, don't ask me how tho ona, ile pm u, the nxt bit ona its a bit embarrassing, xx its skin

  • Hi Daz I always told my different consultants over the years that "At the time of my periods I was always more likely to contract a lung infection. It took 20 years for one of them to listen. Don't know if he did anything towards research but he certainly listened and said he would canvas his other female patients. I used to take 1000mg of Soluble Vit C around that time to try to ward off the dreaded bugs. P

  • A good post Daz and one to make us all think perhaps. Not something that affects me anyway but will be thinking of others. You take care and keep posting. xxxx

  • Thanks for your post Daz. My cough and breathing always became worse before a period. I told the doctors this for years but they never took it seriously. I am now menopausal and having hot flushes and night sweats but the cyclical problems with the symptoms of COPD getting worse every month have calmed down.

  • sorry i cant answer you there daz...but looks like you have looked into things,,, all the best daz,,jimmy

  • * My name is DeeDee & pre menopausal was short lived before full blown mental-pause dropped in My body & took close to 30 years to shut down the factory, retiring all the employees that worked so hard for My Reproductive System.

    * Then, for the last 4 or 5 years the pain of pushing out all the hidden eggs that were too weak to mate with a spermer came & went without warning. Seriously, standing in line at the local grocery store, BAMM, pain, double over into a ball pain but I had to stay standing so as not to attract attention. Which gives the old adage, What Don't Kill Ya Will Make You Stronger, meaning. I'm so that kind of strong I could lift a car, with 1 hand.

    ::just sayin':: :D

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