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Unfortunately hubby got admitted to hospital a few days ago due to a severe worsening of COPD . He was on seretide (purple circular thing) and the doctor has changed it to Fostair inhaler , saying the seretide can cause pneumonia.

Anyone tried Fostair before?

He is still in hospital as they want to observe him on this new inhaler.

Hopefully, will come home tomorrow or Thursday and then in a month time go back for assessment for oxygen. Was assessed earlier this year but copd nurse said he dont need it as his sats are about 90% even after walking down our hallway and back. Also he is a carbon monoxide retainer so oxygen would only be for occassional use (if he gets it).

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i havnt tried fostair but i have never been told seretide can cause pneumonia ,,,,thats a worry

Im assuming you mean carbon dioxide not monoxide waste gasses have been a problem

im on oygen 16 hours a day i thought the nipi masks were were used for this problem or have i got that all wrong

hi ya gocat , they changed me from the purple one to one called relvar ellipta whitch I only take once a day .its all trail and error aint it .

in reply to billl

How you finding ellipta?

I was on seretide 500 and my respiratory nurse changed it for fostair but I had to change back as it did not suit.

Must say, I am worried if it causes pneumonia.

Kindest Regards


Gocat My consultant changed me from Seretide 500 twice a day to Fostair twice in a morning and again at night. I do feel better on the Fostair but it may not suit everyone.

Wish your Hubby a speedy recovery.


hi gocat,, first of all i wish your hubby a speedy recovery,

it maybe he needs oxygen only at night, maybe ask for a sleep study while hes there,, its only a watch kind of thing to wear overnight, then they feed it into [not the watch lol] a computer, which then measures oxygen levels [sats] overnight.

i have been on the purple seritide 500, twice a day for years now,, wouldnt worry about any scare mongering,,, let the meds do their thing and try this new inhaler,maybe even the sleep test, lets hope he finds things a lot better,, kindest wishes ,,jimmyxxx

I was taken off Seretide and put on Symbicort for the same reason. And did have pneumonia twice while taking it. Apart from the Seretide did not seem to do much for me. Always best to take advice.

Thanks for replies. hes back home now and does seem to be better on this fostair so far. But he is on steroids at the moment. The ones where u take 6 for so many days and then 5 etc till none left. So will see how he is after that.

Forgot to say they are adamant he doesnt need oxygen at home. Also gave him a rubber bracelet type thing with words on it to say he is a carbon dioxide retainer, so if he needs emergency help, the medics know not to give him too much oxygen.

Update on hubby. He has been in hospital due to flare ups twice since I last posted. Both times were just as he had finished long courses of steroids. Apparently the fostair doesn't have as much steroids as the seretide so they have changed him back. Also going to keep him on a long term course of steroids i.e. 5 mgs a day once his latest course of reducing dose of steroids is finished. Also had a bone scan and now diagnosed with osteoporosis, probably caused by taking steroids. Never ends does it :/

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