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hi, i applied for pip in nov 2013 when i had to quit my job due to ill health, i have had chest problems from birth bronchiel asthmatic born, pleurasy so many times ive lost count, 2 x punctured lungs, lung sealed off ,pneumonia, got diagnosed with copd in 2011 as my condition got worse more so xmas 2013, i had a ct scan which showed i had emphasema then blood tests revealled i have Alpha 1 antitrypsin defiency i have informed DWP of everything that has been happening and how since my original form was filled in my health has deteriated rapidly due the A1AD, I've given them the specialists name and hospitals that are dealing with me now ,and hey ho i recieved a letter at the weekend telling me i don't meet the criteria for PIP. I have been told i can have a reconsideration between 28th aug-4th sept ,i feel so let down, im 41 and can barely do everyday tasks and when i do try im exhausted, i can't do things with my kids as i want to, just one example like go to drayton manor as i can't walk round for that long can't stand for long, if the weather is to hot im worse if its cold stiill no good as thats just as bad and thats just for one day out, poor buggers have to cope with my illness too, but this is now an everyday life style for me, and i don't meet the criteria, i worked since leaving school apart from having my kids and the time spent in hospital due to illness, i already feel low and depressed about things but that just topped if off, sorry for the moan and long post. ok kick up the backside and try and smile i can stiil do that lol, sonia xxx

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I applied for PIP and was informed I wasn't eligible for it! I have COPD and unable to walk more than a few yards before gasping for breath. Therefore have to use ambulatory oxygen which only last about an hour. Wear nebuliser NIV mask at night, on occasion especially after a shower have to put mask on the alleviate the severe breathlessness, I cannot cut my toenails properly myself, which makes me very angry, yet as said before I am not entitled to it. I think I may have been too honest and mainly put all the positives of what I am able to do. May appeal.

Hi, I think u should appeal, I am, will keep u updated on response off them. Xx


im 49 and the only thing im grateful for is that my youngest is 21 i dont know what i would have done if they had been younger it would have been a nightmare so i really feel for you there honey

anytime you need a moan give me a shout

thanks mandy much apprecciated, and ditto if u want a shoulder. x


I really feel for you. Don't try to deal with it by yourself, I went to a community project who helped me and when I was rejected did all my appeal, within three weeks they changed their minds it didn't go to a tribunal just reversed the decision.

Good luck.

Kim xxx

thanks kim, i hope they do, it won't make me better but it would certainly help. xx

Hi Sonia, Sorry that your application was rejected this time. My first one was, So i got in touch with the Welfare rights and a nice lady came out and filled in the form for me and they then post it to them. It took just over a year for them to get back to me, but I got it in the end. Telephone the welfare rights people and ask for a home appointment. They deal with the pip application all the time, and know what is needed. take care nannyb xxx

Sorry sonia that you did not get first off what is rightfully yours had you been an alcoholic you would have got their first off. I applied for PIP in the days when it was DLA I had three years of hell one appeal after another then I had a seizure during my last appeal that was adjourned for med reports but hey ho I passed OK both care and mobility I will save you any blushes by repeating ad verbatim what the DHSS rep muttered when the chairperson said that my claim was to be backdated by 8 years. So hang on in their make a pest of yourself and bang in as many appeals as you can.

thanks ant, i will do, i do know a lady that deals with things like this she's a friend of my moms, will give her a call and see if she can help me with the reconsideration. i love do love this site its so friendly and helpful and always picks me up when things get me down Thanks all. x

Pardon my ignorance as a newbie to all this, whats PIP?

I am glad I have found such a positive group of people all wanting to help each other.



Hi it's the new DLA disability living allowance. X

One of the biggest problems with ESA or PIP claims is they are taking forever to be dealt with but they are not taking this into account. Part of their criteria states that any evidence dated after your claim date will be disregarded. This is in their opinion evidence after the claim and can only be considered as a new claim. Even with the fact that it is a farce they still stick to this rule, you cannot make a new one for a set period of time?

Pip was supposed to have been dealt within 13 weeks but it is more or less 13 months for most claims unless you have a DS1500 which has a 3 week limit.

You have not mentioned if you took advice on filling in the form as the way it is worded is important. Speak to CAB or Age UK for advice.

I hope it all works out for you.

Be Well

They are uncaring idiots with no idea, because they are falling behind target they often don't even read these things but just rubber stamp them, follow the advice given in the other posts, an appeal forces them into actually reading it.

Hi thanks for that now I know why all the info I've given them has been disregarded well when I have reconsideration I will tell them A1AD is from birth and that I could of claimed years ago but I continued to work till I couldn't any longer. Thanks again. Xx

Thanks for that maybe they shud employ a few people with either medical knowledge or with illnesses themselves so they know how we feel. Thanks everyone. Least u get support and help on here. Xxx

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I have had similar problems it does take for ages and a lot of people give up go to someone like CAB get them to do the forms its all about the wording good luck.

Remember to tackle your local council when they come round for your vote all the problems we are having is down to Mr Brown { labour } for setting up Atos and the idiot that is in at the moment for continuing with Atos I have this urge to have a bucket of something nice for when they come knocking.

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