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I think your all amazing so glad i found this site

I have only been on this site days and the messages i have had off people have made me laugh, made me think, made me feel relief, made me feel cared about......This isnt the only community i joined and i have not had one message from anyone on the other one so dont think its the same everywhere because it isnt

......thank you so much to every single one of you for the time you have given soooooooo glad i found you all x

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I agree, ones laughs, and one feels supported, Someone can always make you feel better. xxxxxxx


Hi Mandy ,

Its great to see a new member getting involved and contributing so much . I have only been a member for about 8 months but feel I have learned a lot .

I don't tend to post that much as am not good on computers .. one fingered typing takes ages and I often lose posts and have to start again !

Really good to have you aboard .

Cheers Coastal.


Hi Coastal, my sentiments exactly re computer skills!! But time to learn i have got, can't do much else!! Take care, Sheila Xx

I felt the same when I joined Mandy! The peeps on here are amazing! I have had so much help, advice, and support from everyone..I have made many friends on here and you will too..Keep smiling xxxxx


I can agree wholeheartedly with Mandy - this is a warm caring community - full of people who regardless of their own issues and problems reach out to everyone on here - thank you from me too :) :) :)


Lovely comments above.

Yes, it's great to have somewhere where people understand. :)


I agree Mandy this is a great place and I am glad you like it here. x

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Ditto! :)

This forum is a tonic in itself. I've been on this site for just over 12 months, and the support, advice and laughs I've had is second to none. xxx

So glad you found us.

Big hugs and take care xxx

I too have only been on this site a few day's and can't believe how good it is. It works both way's, i have learned a lot from you!! So thank you, Xx

Agree totally! Been made to feel really welcome here. Joined another one also, but I was supposed to receive an email when an admin had approved my registration. That was weeks ago, I'm still waiting.

I love it here!

yeah...i thought these sites had moderators the other one i joined didnt even have one of those to welcome me

hi all, as a newby myself i have to agree with everyone im so glad i joined, good advice, support and knowing everyone is in the same boat more or less is a big help, love reading the posts and replies, makes my day sometimes especially as me and my bed seem so well aquainted these days. log on 1st thing in the morn just to read how everyone is doing, brill site love it, xx sonia xx

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Hi Mandy,

I agree, this site is brilliant and full of great information x

I am also glad you found this site Mandy as the people on here are wonderful. As a carer I also feel supported and cared about which is a great feeling. Welcome.xxxxx

oh thats so nice to hear......

my 21 yr old daughter is my carer and i do worry about her and how she is coping with me being ill because my partner, her dad, died when he was 39 from a fatal heart attack out of the blue so she must get frightened

are you related to the person you care for

Oh, how I agree. I've not contributed many times but, as a carer rather than a patient, I learn so much which helps me to cope. It's lovely just to know there's "somebody there" isn't it.

i had a message from sassy59 you should give her a shout her message is on here she is a carer too and she says the same as didnt occur to me that carers would be on here and its great that you are

my daughter is 21 and my carer i worry over her and how she is coping....are you related to the person you care for

Yes, it's my husband who has COPD - but he also has severe heart failure so I find myself living on a knife's edge all the time. I just find it so hard watching him struggle when he's not well.

Even when people go through exactly the same thing we can deal with it in totally different ways but knowing someone is feeling a similar way stops us feeling alone.

My partner of 12 years died when he was 39 from a massive fatal heart attack out of the blue but my mam cared for my dad before he died of motor neuron disease . I wish i had had a site like this then and im certain my mam would have got so much support if she had something like this when dad was ill because she felt so alone although my sister and i helped.

Ive always brought my kids up to know there are more good people in the world than bad people and its a blessing we can support eachother

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Oh, Mandy, what a terrible time you must have had. At least my husband and I can look back on many good years together. I'm so pleased you found this site. It's one of the first things I look at when I log-on and I'm constantly amazed by the courage and wonderful sense of humour on here. I shall look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

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Yes i agree with you on that...people on here have a lot to offer but some of the jokes are naff ha ha

thank you honey going for my first assessment in harefield on the 11th of september overnight as i have an appointment at 9 the next morning there and will let you know how it goes


Yes me too. Sometimes I feel so desperate and I know everyone on here knows exactly how I'm feeling. Glad you found us.

Kim xxxx

Every morning i wake up with the feeling of doom in the pit of my stomach and thinking i cant do this another day...its been like that for months but it settles as i pick up through the morning.

Now i get up with that same feeling but after a coffee i log on here and read my replies and new posts and i honestly feel better and ready to tackle the world and thats because of people like you x

I too have just joined today, found the site 2 days ago, it seems to be a great source of information, discussion and good humour.

Good luck with the system

I have fantastic support from my family, Drs surgery and hospital, now I have to do my part and keep a positive mental attitude and not dwell on things but to come out fighting the green gunge as best I can

Why does this spell checker not like gunge it keeps changing it to lunge?


Welcome Grast6 1. It is the best.

Same here and welcome

Pleased you found us Mandy. And I bet you have that song in your musical collection ( MANDY )

Pleased you found us. and i bet you have the song MANDY in your musical collection !!

ha i dont have it but it often gets sung to me

Me 2 :-D

morning Mandy, how are you today? Just wondered have you been to Harefield yet and if so how did you get on.xx

same here I'm so glad I have found this site aswell so hi I'm sue pleased to meet you I joined today so I'm new to all of this aswell.

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