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In May, The whole of my road was dug up recently for about 5 weeks and I had left my windows open. I think as a result I have dust in my lungs and my breathing is now really bad. I can get out of breath by doing just 15 steps! It did get better for 3 days last week but has gone backwards again. does anyone have a view as to whether it may clear up?

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Has the dust got in your house because you may have a fine coating of dust everywhere that you havnt noticed so i would suggest checking that out and ask someone to damp dust around for you and hoover and change bedding etc if there is as its so difficult to get rid of

I would just get to the doctors or get your nurse to check you over because your putting it down to that and it could be something else its not worth the risk of leaving it.

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Hi Mandy. Yes the dust did get in, my windows had been left open as I never thought about the roadworks. I have and still am seeing the doctors and actually went into hospital for a week back in July , as it got so bad with my breathing I went into type 2 respiratory failure. I already have copd and asthma. My breathing was not brilliant before but is even worse now. Like I said, I can get out of breath just walking a short distance.


then i would definitely get someone round and blast the place it took me days of dusting and washing and damp dusting to get the dust out of my house i was in a right state because of it as i didnt think either....

im assuming you have a ventolin pump i know im always advised to have a few extra pumps of that when im real breathless and its nearly always caused by some hidden infection so i would give docs a ring too and get a sample sent off just in case you have an infection going on x


Dust is airborne and will remain for months. I was told by a building expert that one speck of dust floats in the air for about I week before it lands, and if something disturbs it then it's off floating again. Do you have an air purifier? I have a couple and they do work.


In the nursing home I am in I am on the managers monthly meet as the clients rep we are destined for heavy repair work throughout I did make a point that you must forewarn us of any dust creating work and if possible screen areas of that are likely to create heavy dust the last time any building work was done I ended up in hospital due to inability to breath mainly due to the dust created.


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