Weekend Wit - Hope everyone has a good weekend !!

Hope it doesn't offend anyone !!

My comments about having a sense of humour seems to have rattled a few cages!!!!!

(Live, Laugh and Love Life)

A bored little boy was making a den in his parents wardrobe, when his mother came into the bedroom and climbed into bed with a man, who was not his daddy.

The little boy sat quietly when the front door slammed.....oh my god the women cried, its my husband...

She hurriedly pushed her male companion into the wardrobe with his clothes......You stay there until I distract my husband, then escape out the back door.

The man trying to get his breath back in the wardrobe hears this little voice...

It's dark in here isn't it ?.....

The man nearly had a heart attack and said quietly, yes it is ...Ssshhh

Are you Santa enquired the little boy ........ No I'm not, replied the man

My daddy said Santa would leave me a skate board.... I think I better go and ask my daddy where Santa is going to leave it !!!.....

The Panicking man emptied his wallet and said, here go and buy yourself a skate board, as he quietly made his escape with his clothes under his arm.

A few days later the boys mother saw the little boy playing on a state of the art skate board ...she rushed out and enquired where he got it from. ..He explained, he bought it from the money he was given by a stranger...... The mother didn't believe the story for a minute and thought he must have stolen it, so dragged him by the ear to confession.

He entered the confessional knelt down, looked around and said....

It's dark in here isn't it.........

A voice from behind the screen said.......

Look don't start that again, you took all my money last time !!!!

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  • Oh goodness,what a corker,I'm still laughing! Never realised it was going to end up in the confessional! xx

  • what is the joke that has upset everyone on here ive been reading posts

  • Hi Mandy, think Plumbob is referring to a comment Plumbob made under this post healthunlocked.com/blf/post... It appears that the moderates (from BLF) have removed some jokes that offended some members from the site....

  • oh i wondered what everyone was upset about......telling jokes to strangers is bound to offend someone in some way because you dont know their personality but i do think you can learn a lot from someone just by the jokes they tell

  • Yep think kingofthecocktails would be very disapointed he could see us now and how its used for mischief making

    Anyway jokes are not my thing unless with friends ...

    So out of respect for plumbob am not guna trash is post with my comments

  • Hi, dazis, missing the point a bit here. Do I take it you like/dislike any sort of joke. BIG SMILEY

  • Hi pergola1 Yer like a say .. jokes are not my thing unless in personal setting with friends

    A dont think posting jokes in order to offend others as form of spite or revenge is a no way to conduct ones self really

    But yer my comment was follow on from

    mandy6513 comment above :)

    Cheers thanks

  • I think the original 'joke' that people objected to was posted by Nikkers a couple of weekends ago. Fortunately it no longer exists, having been taken down by moderators.

  • hhhmmmmm

    i think you need to know peoples personality before you can make jokes as your likely to offend someone at some point......I read joke on here that i found offensive to me so i just made the choice not to read anymore from that person

  • Hi plumbob yer a dont think humour is issue really THINK its when not rights or wrong ones try to use them to have a personal and vindictive malicious attack at other members threw guise of humour.

    A no my self i have seen a few and even been victim to those thinking the smart.

    But i have ZERO tolerance a ROBUST approach .. Well its best it gets when you cant duch it out

    So to speak .. yer have been band for various offences myself always in self defence .. and would i get band again SURE

    but why should those with genuine problems suffer at hands of not rights wrong ones

  • Hi plumbob another goodun its good to smile thanks :) Janexx

  • Nice one Plumbob, I liked that.


  • Loved it Plumbob. Have a good weekend.

  • Raised a smile and my spirits, nice one Plumbob, keep them coming.

  • IF it weren't for odd / dark humor I would be dead. Just had may 61 surgery (2 more pending).. This last one had a major bout of reflux. Nothing like up-chucking bile by the pint size. Almost a week and while I am not loosing bile, my throat is still raw. Yeah humor can be off and not worth repeating my comments in the hospital; to my wife. How she stays with me is still a great puzzle.

  • Laughter is the spice of life...thank you !!

  • That's a good one.

  • Nothing wrong with your humour plumbob. What I and some others here objected to were 'jokes' directed at people of other religions, immigrants etc posted by another member/s which were really not funny at all. Then to be told that we didn't have a SOH because we didn't share theirs.

  • ILLEGAL one my friend.

  • I have never been and will never be racist or discriminate to anyone. The point I made, which some are mis reading, is a lot of people have lost their ability to laugh and enjoy a joke in case it might offend someone. We all have a sense of humour but some are frightened to show it, I never wish to offend anyone (and hopefully I don't), but some people are super sensitive over issues, and yes there are some topics i wouldn't joke about, but we have got to look on the funny side of things rather than be gloomy about everything as that will only pull you down.

    We all have opinions and I agree that some opinions need to be kept private. But we should never loose the importance of laughter as a medicine

    Keep smiling (it takes less energy than a frown !!!) :D :D :D :P

  • Love the joke Bob :) x

  • Laughter is the best medicine !!

  • well done plum bob, time we had things to laugh about and brighten our days on this site, so morbid at times.

  • Slightly different version of an old joke - nice for a change! Thanks.

  • I think with all the crap that's going on in the world ,it's good to keep a sense of humour a good laugh is the only thing that keeps me sane somedays.You must have heard the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me let's keep a perspective here folks.

  • i think this hair dye has got in my brain because i dont get the joke

  • The bloke in the wardrobe was the vicar !!!

  • I was in the middle of watching tv with my 21 year old daughter last night when i shot up and said "it was the vicar in the wardrobe" ....my daughter thought i was having some sort of break down till i explained what i was talking about.

    When i told her the joke she laughed her head off

  • Ha Ha Ha ... Been there and done that and I put it down to my hair colour ......Grey !!! :D :D :P

  • i think this hair dye has got in my brain because i dont get the joke

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