Low lung capacity/FVC 61%

I am a 39 year old man, Smoker, weight 63KG & height 172 cm I fell always a mild shortness of breathe from the last 02 month. My doctor makes me the, Chest x-ray, 6 minute walk test, allergy test & a bronco provocation test. My chest X-ray, 6 minute walk test is quite normal. But my bronco provocation test result is 1) moderately restrictive airway defect. 2) Moderately positive bronco provocation test. My baseline/ pre-medication FVC 61% & FEV1 is 61%. FEV1/FVC ratio is 82%. (My doctor prescribed me the medication, Seretide 250 Accuhaler, MONTELUKAST 10MG, Ebastine ,

MY question is: 1) is it possible to increase The FVC % till to normal range? As I can see it is lower than normal 80%, which indicates restrictive lung dieses. 2) Is there any treatment to stop the decline of FVC% 2) do I require further more investigation? 3) How severe my situation is according the above mentioned info? Do I need further more diagnosis?

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  • Yes is is possible to improve your health sharifularch I am sure you don't need me to say that the FIRST and most important thing you need to do is STOP SMOKING....get all the help that you need to to achieve this, but its not so much how this will improve your lung condition as to how much your lung condition will deteriorate if you do not stop smoking

    There are many other things that you can do, and if you read the articles on this site you can learn a lot that will help you to improve the condition of your lungs

    Exercise I think is one of the most important things you can do, and I myself and many many others on here have made massive improvements in their lung function through daily exercise

    Get the yearly flu jab, and stay away from anyone who has a cold or other virus that you may catch

    Also ask for the pneumonia jab

    You sound to me as if you are still only moderately affected , so if you stop smoking/exercise & generally look after your health, by eating well etc. You will see a massive improvement in your health

    Good luck

    Love Sohara

  • Hi sohara, Many many thanks for your prompt reply.

  • Hi again sohara, already i have quit smoking from the last 07 days, Can you please share one more things from your experience? is it really possible to increase FVC% ?

  • Sohara has given you a very informative answer so I will just say read it and heed it sharifularch. Well done on quitting smoking. Hope all goes well for you. You sound determined to improve. Keep on upwards and onwards xx

  • Yes it is, well I have , and I have had brochiectasis since I was a baby, and have had both the lower lobes of my lungs out when 15 and that was a LONG time ago :) :)

    I deteriorated baldy a few years ago,( Very severe stage3/ 4 COPD) and that's when I started exercising and researching the ways to 'stop the rot' so to speak

    It has helped a lot that the drug I am now on has managed to end the chest infections that I was getting EVERY MONTH !! and now bit by bit I am improving my lung function and my general health

    You CAN improve your lung function, you have taken the first MAJOR step by stopping smoking, follow the good advice that you can get from this site and I am sure you can improve your situation.

    And you definitely will slow down the progression of your lung efficiency decline.

    I will have another FEV test done soon at the hospital, but I don't need that to tell me I have improved.

    From not being able to walk up one flight of stairs, to now being able to do 2 flights of stairs and still not be totally out of breath !!!!just panting a bit...is amazing for me

    You are young...you can do it if I can

    Go sharifularch !!!!!

  • Thank you so much dear Sohara!!!

  • you need to stop smoking and be aware of passive smoking

  • Great reply fro Sohara. You have a real chance now to improve but it 'll be up to you to take the reigns. It seems you have a good GP there who's looking after you (so many don't and really struggle).

    I've been on the site for 18 months and have seen many people report improvements in lung function, all by taking up exercise 30 seconds per day is a good start and way better than none), good support, good medicine regime, very healthy diet. So good luck to you and blooming well done for quitting the cigs. :)

  • many many thanks peeg!!!

  • Hi Peeg, do you mean 30 minutes?

  • No, I meant 30 seconds :) then you can slowly build up to 30 minutes.

    Bearing in mind that some folks are starting from zero fitness, some have painful arthritis, some very overweight.

    You have to start somewhere and 30 seconds is a good start don't you think? Better than nothing anyway and you hardly have to leave the chair to lift your arms and wriggle your ankles.

    Not speaking of myself obvs! Mind you, I did jog for 30seconds yesterday ;)

  • Hi sharifularch nice to meet you and welcome to the site. x

  • There are three things you can do to help yourself , The first is stop smoking ( but i expect you know that ;-) ) , the other two are exercise ( getting a little out of breath while doing this will not harm you ) and the other is to make sure you eat a good diet . All three combined can help or at least make sure any decline is slowed down . x :-)

  • My FEV1 3 years ago when I 1st got diagnosed with very severe emphysema was 24%. It is now 26% ( I have my own tester ). Also at that time it took me about 4 stops to climb the 14 steps to upstairs. Now I do them in one go and don't even get puffed out. I believe in keeping active.

  • copd.about.com/od/copdbasic...

    Is well worth a read I have RLD and I am 57% upright 44% flat. Have the confirmed that you are definitely RLD?

    Be Well

  • thanks for the link offcut very intresting this makes me think i have restrictive air flow and not obstrutive

  • hi sharifularch.. the answer to your question is yes you can inprove have a look at my last posts...good luck

  • hi music, thanks for your reply? did you got improved,,have you any data of improvement? Because i am not clear about your reply "he answer to your question is yes you can inprove have a look at my last posts...good luck" ..looking forward for your reply.

  • hi sharifularch ..if you click on the purple coloured circle above with my silhourette next to my name it will show you all my past posts and how my lung funtion readings had inproved last april 1 when i went for my spirometry test

  • HI Music, Thanks for reply, i have seen your past posts, & your improvement.

    You have obstructive lung disease & it is reversible. This is why you have improved. in obstructive lung disease like asthma/copd , normally FEV1% decreased. But the FVC% may remain normal. As my disease is like restrictive pattern this is why FVC% & Fev1 both decreased. which are now 61% but my Fev1/FVC ratio is quite good which is 82% now. If you see your previous report, maybe your FEV1% & Fev1/FVC ratio was decreased only. And maybe your FVC% was in normal range ( Normal FVC is 80%) Please let me know if i am wrong?

    i am very curious to know is it possible to improve FVC% ( Forced vital capacity).

    But have not get any satisfactory answer yet. Please help me if you can give me the answer?????

  • Hi again Music, Reading your past post carefully i can see that your previous FVC was 102% in the last test it Came 90% ( All are quite good above 80%).

    Now my only concern is FVC%...dose it possible to increase from 61%??????

  • You are still smoking aren't you, are you daft or what. The first thing you should do is to STOP SMOKING now. Please stop smoking.

  • i am concern about it & already i have quite smoking..

  • Sorry about getting on my white horse re smoking, it is great that you have already stopped.

    As for this FVC & FEV, I have never heard of them or if I have I have forgotten about them. I will make enquiries at my surgery.

  • is there any one here. who's lung capacity/ fvc% has increased in the last spiromitry test than previous?

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