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What on earth are they? Well I have digestive trouble and take Lanzoprazole to inhibit acidity.

I had C-difficile accompanied with terrible diarrhoea. I took antibiotics for this. But the diarrhoea stayed. I asked my consultant, but he said it would eventually stop. So i looked for my own solution. I found one and it's this Jarro-zymes. It helps digest difficult things like carbohydrates, bread. I found it on Amazon (where I have no shares or commission)

I wanted to explain how good this drug has been for me. So I looked it up on the internet.

Here is one link (there are several):

I know several of us take Lanzoprazole for reflux, which I have too.

With a better digestion, it tends to happen less or not at all.

so there you are, hope this helps.

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what would you say has improved for you using them


Mandy, straight away, I stopped having diarrhoea. That was such a blessing!

Also, I realise hat the food I eat seems to be digested faster - evacuation next day! I haven't had any bloating dince i started taking these. I also take acidophilus to populate my guts with friendly bacteria and Vit D.

One thing I noticed, nutty bread makes me constipated terribly!


interesting...the problem is there is so much on the market that claim to be good or us you just get overwhelmed with it all but as someone with IBS i am very interested in finding something that someone can recommend because its not enough to have a lung disease life decided it would add a few ailments just to keep me on my toes !!!!

by the way i love your description of evacuation the next day it made me laugh ha ha x


Hiya Michael, that's a really interesting (and long) article. I read it all! Might have to go back and reread it so I 'get it'.

I remember you told me about the enzymes a couple of months ago.

There's a good explanation about how the digestive system works, how the stomach is an acid environment and the small intestines are alkaline - didn't know the latter.

There's also an interesting part on acid blocking medication - which I'm taking at the moment, I think my stress levels at present have upped the acid.

Anyway, thank you again for sharing it. Hoping you're staying well, that your wife is too and that you have a lovely weekend xxx Penelope

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Ha, Penelope, thank you. My wife came to see me. I like to feed her well! she upset me by telling me "the reasons" why she got ill. I told her I wished in my heart that I would be able to heal her, but I cannot do this. she tried to comfort me; I foundered into tears! Poor girl.


Oh dear, that's sad. My heart goes out to you both Michael.

I hope you'll be able to sleep tonight xxx. Penelope


Dear Penelope, how kind of you. I slept like a log until 3 am. Read the end of GCHQ by Richard Aldrich and fell asleep again till morning. Had a good day singing at church with the rest of the choir, and wrote to my mother-in-law in South Africa! It's all good, thank you!


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