I like any jokes be it on the welsh, irish, English, scots, we all tell jokes on these type of jokes because there taking in the context of what thay are a joke and takes in humour and fun,,, then theres the other jokes on race which at times are alf truths and half fiction, and some just in so much of a bad taste no like minded person would entertain them, my point is if any member posts a racist joke in so much bad taste can he or she stand up and say sorry, I can, can you, I will say sorry if ive offended any one n open view on the forum ,, thank you members luv Twice xxx

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  • Hello, I stand up a not being offended by anything you write Twiceshy

    (well not much ;D ). I love your posts and you always put up links to help everyone x

  • thanks Peeg how are you keepin , hope alls well down there in your kneck of the woods , luv Twice xxx

  • Hi

    Some one some where will be affended by the the written or spoken word where do you draw the line?

  • I agree with you stone but when its blatant racist jokes that's a crossin the line I can joke all day , but some jokes are below the belt so to speak,xx

  • Ah ha another downtrodden member been whacked by the Joke police, join the club. It is getting to the stage when saying Hello will be offensive! Life is miserable enough living with disease, a little humour goes along way in brightening our day. Yes even the Scotman, Englishman and Irishmen jokes - (as long as you don't cross the line on crude and offensive) people will take in the humour they are meant to portray, if not we might as well give up now!!

    I stand with you on this Twiceshy and may you continue.


  • I will id can keep them clean, no racist,s jokes tho I hate them , ti Mucks xx

  • Defo agree there .. Av been band few times for saying how it is to those trying to be smart defo agree with ya there twiceshy3

  • thank you and wishing you well Daz xx

  • Get yer brain into gear TS3 and send us some more of ya one liners. you know we love em' and the way ya tell um'. There's not a lot that would offend me but blatant racist hate jokes we can all do without.

    Tony xx

  • im with you there dall thers enuff jokes out there without resorting to nastys, which I don't do,anyways its nice to see you ,xx ile look up some lol. :)

  • Not bad twice. Got winter woolly on plus a radiator. Blumming cold here, what's it like over in the land of Man U?

  • We are very conscious of anti-racism, not to offend But the people that are being targeted by these jokes interest me. Are they as thoughtful towards their fellow citiziens??? My son had a hard time when he worked in London - the subject of racial abuse.

  • Hi twice I find your posts always considered,thoughtful and with integrity x.

  • Jokes that put down people of different skin colour, religions and immigrants have no place here and to those who tell me that if I object to these jokes then I have no 'sense of humour' I say that if that is what tickles your fancy then you wouldn't recognise a sense of humour if it bit you in the a***.

  • So agree, notlocal. There are sometimes genuinely funny jokes on here, but this recent one wasnt. And ones about sex sadly too often rely for their "wit" on most Brits' repression about sexuality. Come on guys, if you want jokes on the forum, there are loads out there which dont rely on bigotry or adolescent attitudes to sex or both together.

  • Love the dog btw :) :)

  • I totally ditto everything you wrote O2 :)

  • I agree notlocal x

  • Hear, hear, notlocal. The post I believe Twice is referring to was utterly sick and I was one of the people who reported it.

  • We as a nation have lost the ability to laugh at our selves and are also scared to death of offending other people who have lost their sense of humour. I constantly take the P**s out of my self and am not offended when other people do as well...but they must expect to be ridiculed them selves.... I judge it as HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOUR ... In the 60's & 70's there was some great TV programmes, such as Love Thy Neighbour, The Comedians, Til death us do part, and a lot more which were hilarious but nowadays we are so frightenend of offending anyone we daren't show them on TV nowadays. Having the ability to laugh at ones self is great and I think a few righteous people need to take a long hard look at themselves. Sorry for the rant but over sensitive people annoy me ... Life is to short just go and enjoy it while you can and find how good it is to laugh !!! - Plumbob :D :D :D :P

  • Humour changes and evolves constantly with the society we live in, which is why some things just aren't funny any more. You either change with it or remain in the past. It's called evolution.

  • Absolutely notlocal. it's a cultural, generational, evolutionary thing.

    I have a big sense of humour, have been known to p*** myself laughing at myself, at The Young Ones, Rik Mayall, Robin Williams et al. But there's many a 'comedy' programme that passes me by from the past & more recently.

    Personally, I prefer to follow the laws of our land. People have worked hard for equality. P

  • Very good final point Peeg - this is about political (small P, not party) attitudes to equality issues. Its not as some seem to be saying about being sensitive to people's personalities.

    And i agree, often nearly p**s myself laughing, perfect medicine, and i agree with Daz that mostly i enjoy jokes with my friends, not here on the forum.

    Hope you're having a swell weekend - some relaxation at least amidst packing up your nest :) :) xx

  • You Tell 'em Plumbob! Some people on here are so ridiculous about humour that I think they need a lobotomy! Everyone - Colour, race, or creed should be able to laugh at themselves. This world today (especially this messed up country) is not a happy place to be and the one thing that can give you a smile is humour. Thank goodness for all the Jokes etc., that I get on line, let's be honest there's b***** all else to laugh about!

  • This from the poster of one of the most racist and reported 'jokes' ever on this site, promptly removed on Monday morning. Not a snowballs chance I'd ever listen to anything from you ever again.

  • Oh No! You're breaking my heart! Like you'd even have the intelligence to have a "proper" conversation with me! I'm not at least interested in your stupid opinion, so why bother to reply - no one asked you!

  • It's how this site works. People post stuff and other people respond, no permission needed, even if the original comment is trash. Check it out, it's amazing!

  • NO! REALLY! Duh! I didn't know that? You should know about trashy comments, you're quick enough to add them.

  • I remember that you were one of them here that thought Nikkers post the other week was funny when most were horrified that the post was allowed to stand the whole weekend. I rest my case.

  • there were two heifers in a field and a big black bull

    and one heifer looks at the other and said do you think he will charge and the other heifer says

    \\\\NO I THINK HE DOES IT FOR NOTHING \\\\\ boom boom peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Now THAT is humour. :D :D :D

  • Funny :)

  • To those who use the term offended: I am not offended by your "humour" - i dont happen to find it funny but what you say to each other in the pub or in your home is your own business and i wish you the joy of it. But this forum is a totally different context and i find it inappropriate and unacceptable here.

    Please dont imagine for one minute that you have a monopoly on humour just because some people dont like yours. Life is just too short to be bored with rather pathetic jokes from those who i have to assume have pretty narrow lives.

  • Well I hope you would,nt take the wee wee out of us sweaty socks,lol.D. :D

  • Blummin heck lighten up peeps making me feel Ill-all this bickering.

  • Simple: find a different thread to follow :)

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