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How Many lung suffers Know about SEPIS

How Many lung suffers Know about SEPIS

37 K Die of SEPSIS each year .. pregnant women are risk wile giving birth

Also lung suffers Yet people are quite ignorant untill they suffer from it ... myself inclueded

Pregnant women get it threw bactrial contamanation wile giving birth etc

Previously healthy people get it threw GP or Self Neglect

Lung suffers are or have it managed by antibiotics .. Under Banner of Bronchitiasas also known as Chronic Lung Sepsis but that term is not used

Also Cancer patiants

Not many people know how a big part of your life and illness sepsis is but unless its talked about and awarness raised how can things inprove with funding and research

Here is great piece by BBC NEWs on various forms of Sepsis you may encounter

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I have heard of this Daz but did not know much about it until now. Thanks for the post and it does give food for thought. xxxxx

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Hi sassy59 cheers yer was quite surprised myself i assume thats why a was so ill when i cut myself

Yer my pulse droped to 40 and sweat was driping of me nearly conked out

Am guna have to defo becareful ...

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You take care Daz. You have enough going on without that. xxxxxxx

Good post again daz thanx, yes I knew a little about it but need to know more.

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Hi Zube cheers yer i never knew bronchitiasas was origanaly called chronic lung sepsis yet its overly underplayed condtion

Its like Emphysema was origanly called honycomb lung but that was quite grim so come up with emphysema as not as grim

So makes you think about use of copd to describe condtions

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forgot to say one warning symptom of sepsis for people with bronchiectasis are small deep red spots on skin, usually on wrist and ankle area, these spots gradually increase in size as the sepsis developes.


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Yer i had them on shoulder befour i got treatment its like pink eye when docs look inside you lips eyelids .. I though was just clothes rubbing friction but like little red dots in a group

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how long did you have them before you got treatment daz ?

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About 3months my x gp tried killing me

Everyday i went there with heart problems breathing and unable to pee and he did nothing

Was horrendous


I'm sorry for what you have gone through, disgusting, x gp does not surprise me, I've had a few like that too.

My motto now is "don't you wish you were better informed"...... ..

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Defo agree there yer i tried getting justice but had to fight tooth nail to find anything out .. docs or lung docs still wont tell me how serious it is or give me everdance to do x gp

All my long doc says is have nap when am bad

Like can do that all day .. told him to right to dwp with is clinical advice treatment

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1st its nice to see you on , hows your hand now any better, and the post is very interesting and leaves a lot of thought , thanks for posting it, wishing you well Daz.x


Hi Twiceshy3 cheers yer am ok just not happy about feeling so ill and me pulse droping to 40

Av looked on internet and is dangerious when pluse drops that low and sweat is pissing off ya

My doc recons anxiety but i cant see it nearly had to ring ambulance

Anyway yep glad you found it intresting cheers x

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I was admitted to hosp in Feb this year with Sepsis. It was far far worse than either of my heart attacks. It was a very close call.

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Hi RibvanRey cheers yer defo is the pits to put it mildly

Thanks for the link Daz, It was very interesting and makes you realise how this no antibiotics era can result in more serious illness progressing for some patients, like ourselves who already have weakened immune systems. Heard of sepsis before but wasn't sure what it was fully.

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I thought I had a chest infection, then the symptoms got worse, accurate fear of leaving the house, swearing and cursing at the ambulance crew who came to help, a heart rate that was off the scale and a rash. I thought I had reacted to the painkillers but was told it was Sepis. It's frightening how close it came to the end, anyone who has these strange symptoms should seek emergency help. Read up on the illness, know what may happen and ensure your carers know as well, this one kills, being one step in front of it could save your life. Thank you Daz for reminding us all.

I saw the BBC slot and they are mainly blaming overuse of antibiotics?

Thanks for that info Daz. I had neutropenic sepsis twice while having chemotherapy. I think it's a similar thing and they don't mess around when you have cancer, straight into hospital and on antibiotics. Scary though, my temperature was 38.7 and I was tachycardic. Blood pressure off the scale. A bit like when I get a pseudomonas attack!!

Super info again Dazer,thanks mate!D.

For more years than I care to remember GP's have been handing out antibiotics to kids then they become immune to them like head lice, from June last year I have taken loads of antibiotics due to flu and nearly every time I have had to take two courses and my GP has changed from one antibiotic to another because my body is becoming used to them.

Nice to see you back Daz how are you feeling now

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