idiots at rochford district council

last week I had to go to doctors . now being disabled and a blue badge holder I can park nearer .brilliant I hear you say . not any more rdc decided that blue badge holders can now pay (don't mind paying)but they put a stupid little sign on ticket machine . now comes silly bit . why would you look at ticket machine if you have never paid before .luck wood have it some one told us as we got out of car . I was so incenced I went straight to rdc offices and demanded to see the idiot in charge .he came down and I let him have it . and now we have signs all round carpark .any body who got ticket should be able to appeal against it . then I told him that as a disabled driver I can park near the doctors front door but now have to struggle across to the other side of the carpark to get ticket then get back to doctors . so I lost 15mins of parking time and was late for doctors appointment . that's my rant for the week over .


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  • Start a campaign like Lincoln City disabled did. They showed that severely disable people can take up to 20 min getting out of a car and safely into wchair with oxygen connected and car locked and ticketed. Up to 20min to get back into car with shopping. Council still charge but allow a cheaper scale of parking after the local TV got on side.

  • I hate the bloody council.

  • That is just terrible! Time to get in touch with your local paper and other organisations I would think. Good luck,


  • I refuse I cannot walk to the bloody ticket machine if I could I wouldn't need their bloody badge,so they can get stuffed,I would fight. Them all the way,stupid idiots what next!!!

  • That's as bad as the bedroom tax!!i. Idiots!!! Causing trouble again,they are not happy unless they are denying disabled people their right,exploitation cowardly behaviour ,I will fight for the right to be free of their rules and regulations.....get stuffed.

  • We noticed that in Cornwall some of the ticket machines stated that a vehicle displaying a disability blue badge was allowed an extra hours parking free! Not seen this anywhere else. xx

  • We definitely have the extra hour in Devon. I presumed it was the same everywhere. Perhaps I'll check the literature, so that I don't get caught out if travelling further afield barnowl

  • Don't park in East Devon area, because you have to pay the full price in their car parks, the crazy thing is on the sea front they have parking bays on one side of the road that require payment, but Exmouth own the bays on the other side of the road and they don't charge.

    With the blue badge people are then forced to park on double yellows or other dangerous spots to save paying the £2+ charge rather than a safe car park.

    It will be interesting when the road fund disk goes and the parks that say cars registered 'disabled' can park free. How many of us will get a ticket before they sort the system out.

  • Thanks for that moneal. Have parked on the front some years ago but can't remember if paid or not. I'll take care if nd when we visit next barnowl

  • In some car parks I noticed that to get free parking you need to have a disabled tax disk as well as a blue badge.

  • What on earth is a "disabled tax disc" ?

  • This is a tax disk issued if you are entitled to free motor tax via DLA high rate shows DIS as taxation level instead of DC or PC.

  • Ah is that the ones the "Royal Family" get? Lol (thanks)

  • Nuneaton and Bedworth give an extra hour free when you buy your ticket and display the blue badge and park in the BB space

  • Beaurocracy gone mad! What a total shambles tobydoo. You can bet whoever thought that up was fit and able. Idiots! Take care. xxxxx

  • Our local shopping centre allows disabled parking at half the price of none disabled I'm happy about that some places you pay full price.

  • That makes me feel so annoyed if we don't have any rights,I cannot walk to the meter,that's why they gave me a blue badge.....contradiction .....I refuse to struggle any further than I have to as they are not giving me oxygen for when or if I want to go out!!!my problem is I will try to get them to listen to me ,but they do not have time to listen, follow a cold fact sheet of rules for all,there is no individual ?anyway I feel good at the moment I'm not fighting for my rights at the moment,relaxing a bit,take care.

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