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Carbocisteine 375mg

Has any one been on carbocisteine 375mg now while they are great for your chest they are very bad for your stomach I was very sick while I was on these capsules but my chest was great broke the mucus right down I have heard from chemist it takes some weeks for your stomach to settle down please has anyone been on these capsules would be grateful for any help

thanks alot Fredperrin

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I know lots of people here are on Mucodyne which I think, is the liquid form of carbocisteine. Maybe the tablets are stronger and more damaging to the stomach . Are you taking anything to protect your stomach ?

Camilla 1 what should I take to protect my stomach hope you can help 

Yes. They are marvellous.

Personally, I have a pre ulcer condition so have a very sensitive tum and look after it.

I've been on the maintenance dose for nearly a year (because they take a few weeks to work and the maintenance dose keeps you ticking over and ready to up it for exacerbations).

I've never had an upset tum from them whereas if I have butter, fatty or acid food I do.

I always take mine after food. At night I have an oat cake with the bedtime dose. It works for me.

You probably need to eliminate some foods from your diet for a trial and see if that helps. I do eat a lot of plain, live, fat free yogurt, 2 kilos in 8 days, perhaps that's why I can 'stomach' the Carbocistiene?


Yes I have been on them for three years and never been troubled with mucus Dr gave me omeprazole for my and they are brilliant never had any trouble

Hi. I have been taking them without any side effects for ages. Currently taking 2 caps 3 times a day. As I have had a ulcer several years before and a few years after, a major GI bleed (surgeon said my stomach was like a T bag) due to NSAIDs. All well before any lung disease diagnosed.

I am very surprised to hear this story. Good luck. Rib


Hi camilla 1 I am carbocisteine and i don't know for sure but all of sudden I would wake up with blood in the morning of my throat so I have appointment to see consultant he wants me to have a gastricscope procedure tube up my nose and down the throat I don't know if I am going to have it yet I would rather have some thing not so arrive if possible watch this space 

Hi my consultant want me to have the same I feel the same as you I would rather have something noninvasives 

Hi I am seeing my consultant in may to descause this procedure but I don't think I am going to have it done I will ask if there was another way watch this space 

I have been on them for years .They can upset your tummy but this should settle down.I hope so anyway..Take care Laura x


Hi all

Glad medication working for you all, do you know although I have been diagnosed with COPD I never suffer from mucous or catarrh at all is this because not that bad at moment, although the thought of getting any worse I dread to think. Keep well everyone


Been on them for a couple of years now. Just increased from twice a day to three times a day. Never had any problems with them.


I wonder if these tablets are more effective at bringing up mucous then hypertonic saline nebs ? They certainly sound a lot easier to take.

Hi, they dont really help you bring it up. They work by making the mucus less sticky & therefore looser & easier to shift. P

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Same thing in the end I suppose. I asked my consultant about it and he said he had to 'save something for later'. I've been tempted to get a bottle of mucodyne from the pharmacy and try it.

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oh I didn't know you could buy it over the counter.

Great. I worry I'll be taken off it one day and wonder what's the alternative

The pharmacist told me it's exactly the same as Exputex and you can buy a bottle over the counter. But I'm sure the dosage of CS is far higher in the prescribed tablet form. Well, I'm no sure, I'm assuming :)

I've been on Carbocisteine (Mucodyne) daily for over 3 years and on and off with exacerbations previous to that. I have been on esomprazole (Nexium) for over 20 years for gastric reflux not had any sickness from the carbocisteine. I have allergies to Penicillin, Doxycycline, Septrin & mushrooms so very prone to stomach upsets.

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I. Am on carboctsteine and now for some reason I can't wee properly and have water just started anyone have a answer to my problem camilla 1

Hi my husband was taken off these because he kept feeling sick and had an upset stomach, it worked for him and started to eat well again, but unfortunately a course of strong IV's upset his stomach again and is now not eating properly again, we have tried the yogurt drinks now and they seem to help in the mornings and he is also taking omeprazole as well, but he is struggling really badly now with eating.

Please try your husband on the acidophilus capsule. They contain far more of the healthy bacteria his stomach needs to get back on an even keel. I took them for three months when my system was turned inside out by drugs. They helped enourmously.

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Thank you for that we are seeing his consultant on Thursday and will mention it. Thanks

I've been on them for over a year no after affects at all .

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I have been on them for over a year now, but always take them with food as they upset my digestion when I didn't. Good luck!

Been on them about 2 years, bit of upset tum, but they are good for mucus .x

Sorry to hear your having problems. This is my second week and not had any stomach problems. Try eating before you take them followed by lots of water/milk. I found them VERY helpful. I feel like a new woman. Hope you can persevere cause their worth it. 

Yes I have been on them I have been taken them for some time till I started having blood in the back of my throat when I woke up in the morning so now he has taken me of them

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