Hi there.

Although. I don't post a lot.

I do enjoy reading ur posts jokes.advice. etc

I would just like to take this moment in saying,thank you . To all of u.

I'll read a post and then the replies some of which within minute's,sensible kind and supportive advice.

I enjoy being a member of this community.

Freindly warm and a strong positive place to appreciate others and be our self's illnesses aside x

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Well said Tigger. :)

Thank you puff x

People.like urself make this community x

Thank you. I've gone all soppy now ! :)

Hi tigger, nice to hear from you, there are a lot of wonderful people on here, and your one of them. I find it nice to be able to just post what ever I am feeling at the time, be it medical or anything els. There is all ways some one listening. Hope you had a good day. Take care nannyb xxx

Hi Nannyb

How are you?

lovely to hear from you to x

I've popped onto here. Maybe not replied and gone. That's it I have that .

Or feeling down or SOB or just struggling a little ...

ill read a 'funny' on here wether a joke told. Or funny stories.

Or maybe read about a persons day post. And maybe myself.not been out for days due to ill health ill think that sounds brill.

Sometimes even a reply that makes me think. Well i might try that that's a good idea/advice/suggestion.


Hi tigger, I'm not to bad, I know I have yet another infection, because coughing up all the time, my face hurts right next to my ear and my feet and hands have swollen.. Lasted about two weeks from last one. back to docs on monday for some fix it pills. manage to get some sleep earlier so thats made me feel better. How you feeling? Hope you keeping well. I am going to hope fully grab another hour in a min, hope you have a good nights sleep too. catch you later. Sweet dreams Nannyb xxx

Lovely post Tigger.It is a lovely community,with a grand lot of people.

Do Hope you're as well as can be.

Love & hugs Wendells xxx

Thank u wendells.

I have a chest infection. Hows ur day been x

Hope your chest infection goes soon for you,I'm not keeping to badly thanks xxx


Couldn't have put it better myself. Hope your keeping well.

Kim xxxx

Thank you kimmy.

Im getting there wherever 'there' is lol

Howz things xx

Not to bad thanks.

Kim xxx

That is what is so good about the BLF site it does fit all our needs. We all get Good, Bad, Happy, Sad and tomorrow is another day!

Be Well

Hi offcut so true .

Hows life x

Couldn't have put it better. Wondering where you had be. Glad your back.

Kindest regards


PS seen any lungs for sale yet?

Hello Tigger, it's lovely to read your post, I'm sure there's a lot of us who feel the same, it's really good knowing we have each other here! :) xxxx

Hi hufferpuffer good username i like that

how are u x

I'll second that, well said. Restores ones faith in human nature. although we would of course all rather be fit and well, adversity brings people together in a wonderful way. I can remember the blitz and the kindness of strangers. or more recently, I almost fainted in the town not long ago. four young girls, about 15 I would guess, got me some water, rang the paramedics and I was able to reassure them I didn't need an ambulance, and when I could get up they insisted on walking with me to my house, about 15 mins walk away. I was moved to tears by their care, Despite what the papers say, let's speak as we find and give credit where it's due.

Hi lyd.12

How are you?

Totally agree with u about credit where it is due x

fingers crossed I'm Ok I my youngest son flies in from Sydney today and I do so want to be well for his visit. he will notice a few more wrinkles I guess, but can't help that. His two brothers will enjoy a good get together, and I do so love to see them all together.

Hope you're not too bad, weather turning into autumn early this year. Happy Bank holiday to all.iris x

Nicely put tigger and good to hear from you again. This is a wonderful site for those who are ill and their carers too. Where would we be without the kindness and support? Take care all and let's stick together. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi sassy how are you?

Thank u for ur reply x

We are doing ok thanks tigger. Waiting for Pete's back appointment at Southampton. Could be this year, yeh! xxx

Awww such a nice post Tigger..There are some great people here to offer advice and help along the way..xxx

Hi porche.

How u x

Ur always in line to help thank u xx

I;m ok sweetheart.Are you alright? Rain just woke me up,hope summer is not over yet..Here if you need a chat...Laura xx

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