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how many pills and stuff can they give you

I am really cheesed off with every thing at the moment . have felt like shite for about a fork night now . ,my wife is marvulouse ,I having it a bit rough at moment ,cant get motivated ,fed up with telly , fedup reading and fed up playing games on computer .doctor gave new puffer . district matron gave more stuff for me thrush whitch ive had for about 6 weeks now . its nystatin as pills didn't clear it . and now I have a nebuliser to try and help clear chest im taking pain killers for pain in me back thro coughing . shall be really happy if or when I go to papworth for tests im sure all these pills are fighting one and other . take about 10 different things during the day .

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Hi tobydoo you seem to be having a bad time of it at the moment I think it gets us all like that at some time. Thank goodness for your lovely wife, and that up and coming appointment at Papworth I do hope they sort things out for you.

Sorry I can't be of any practical help but will be routing for you, chin up.

polly xx

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I do sympathise with you tobydoo as Pete takes over 20 tablets per day. It seems crazy yet he does appear to need(?) them all. He also has his 4 nebulised drugs twice a day. I hope you get some answers to your pill intake and do wish you well for the future. Maybe Papworth can help sort you out. Take care. xxxxxx


What annoys me tobydoo is that we can't sneak up on anyone now because we all rattle too much. :)


nystan will help a lot. take your meds thats important. hope papworth hospital helps. chin up



Hi tobydoo sorry to hear your having such a rough time at the moment. Yes it seems as time goes by we become collectors of new ailments ,side affects so then collect more meds too,I'm always asking my pharmacist if the meds all like each other when they all meet up !!!

Your not alone tobydoo I've noticed lots here are very flat and depressed at the moment,so horrible feeling so fed up.

Nystatin does the job for me,I really don't like the consistency of it now so thick. Eeww yukky,but it works though. Do hope you start feeling cheerier when you get rid of your infections and pain. Then hopefully have some quality time with your lovely wife whilst the weather is good. Wishing you healthier happy days ASAP :). Janexx


Do you have a daily regimen of eating yogurt?


I am on 15 scripts and although some of the ones I used to have for my asthma are of no real use for my RLD they do help when the asthma kicks in over it. Some of my heart tablets can affect my lungs and some of my lung stuff can affect my heart so I really have to balance what I take and leave some days?

Be Well


Hi Tobydoo, who do you see at Papworth? I go next Tuesday but since Jane moved on I never know who I'll be seeing. I wouldn't go anywhere else though, they are absolutely marvellous, been on Duchess and Princess Wards several times and the only complaint I have is about the food. Take care and keep your chin up, Lizzy.


My husband goes to Papworth every month going this Thursday, they are great and hopefully will be able to sort you out, agree about the food though my husband couldn't stand it that goodness for the kebab van at the entrance they made him a sausage sandwich and he enjoyed that, think you can order takeaways as well!!. Good luck


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