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Evening everyone.

Been to the doctors today as I'm really worried how my depression seems to be overtaking me. Stupid part is I don't feel ill at the moment (she says with everything crossed) but I really cant shake this black cloud and it's really beginning to worry me, I feel pointless I have no purpose. Anyway he prescribed Citalopram 10 mg and he's referred me for counselling, I have to go back in two weeks. I'm really unsure about taking them I've not had anything like this before.

Anyone got any advice.

Kim xxxx

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  • Take the meds, depression is an illness like any other, but counselling along side meds is really important. Hope you begin to feel brighter soon xx

  • Thanks, I really want to stop feeling like this but I'm scared.

    Kim xx

  • It's so scary isn't it? But you've made a huge step forward by speaking to your GP, any idea how long you'll have to wait for the counselling?

  • I don't, he got me feel to fill in a form while I was there.

    Kim xx

  • Hopefully not long then.

    Jane xx

  • I don't think counselling helps if you have clinical depression.

  • Thank you for the link.

    Kim xxx

  • kimmy luv depression is not a sign of weakness it means you have took a lot luv,and in all honesty your 1 of the nicest members on hear,your nearly always the 1st to support any new member, try the meds kimmy and the counselling ,and we all no copd and depression go hand to hand with 1 another but when it comes I can imagine its scary , I new someone once and she got depressed and I use to tell her jokes and I cud always tell she was getting better cuz she use to slap me mind you thay was naughty jokes tho,kimmy I hope your feeling better soon luv and wishing you all the best with this.,,stay strong kim,xxxxx luv Twice

  • Thank you for your kind words I do try to support others because in so many ways I'm very fortunate.. But I'm feel so lonely and desperate.

    Kim xx

  • kim luv try them and see how you go on with them , note any side effects and tell your gp, but I would try them 1st luv, you wont no if you don't try them, but mi link givs the pros and cons , I think we well most can agree on the lonely and desperate side of this disease so least were no alone in that sense we have the members to help us cuz were in the same boat luv, try them kim and see how thay pan out, xxx hope your feeling like yourself soon kim,luv Twice

  • Hi Kim oh I so understand how you are feeling,there is light at the end of the tunnel really there is.What you need to try and remember is nothing is forever,and that blimming black cloud will shift.With the help of meds and councelling you will definitely get there go with it ,a little patience needed it can take longer than a broken arm or chest infection.Ive been in the barmyarmy for the last few months now and hoping ive broken the back of it now.I take Amitriptyline have been for years and citalopram for anxiety panic attacks. Depression has pestered me all my life on and off.Have to say ive also had many happy years too its not all doom n gloom.We are all here for you if you ever need to let rip :) Janexxx

  • That's the thing these are how I felt when I was really worried about my mum's health years ago, and it really scares me.

    Thanks for taking the time.

    Kim xxx

  • xxx another 1 kimmy

  • Hi Kimmy twiceshy is totally right. You might get some side effects with citalopram but if you do they should pass quite soon. Cut yourself some slack just see them as a temporary helping hand which any of us need from time to time and within a couple of weeks they should just help you get a handle on things and start to feel in control. If the first counsellor you see isnt right for you (horses for courses) go straight back to your GP amd ask to see a different counsellor. Let us know how you go on, Cherries

  • I am worried about the side effects , what if they me worse.

    Kim xx

  • Hi Kim, I feel for you. I'm a bit down at the moment too.

    I took Prozac many years ago. I was lucky that it suited me and i felt better enough after a few months to reduce it over a further 3 months to nothing.

    It kick starts the serotonin in your brain. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for something if I get worse.

    10mg is a nice small dose so dont worry too much about taking it and Citolapam has an anti anxiety element to it.

    Give it a few weeks to start working although if you feel dreadful on it go back to doc & try something else. All the best xxx

  • I'm sorry your feeling down as well I wouldn't wish this on anyone, I'm just hoping it suits me as really scared it wont.

    Kim xxx

  • just giveit a go, nothing much toloose (because you can stop taking it\0 and everything to gain if it works :)

    and thanks Kimmy, I think mines due to circumstance at the moment but if it turns out to be deep seated I'll see the doc.

    Sleep well, night night xx

  • Thanks.

    Kim xxx

  • There's no side effects other than feeling better from my experience.

  • Hi Kim, sorry to hear you're so down at the moment and hope you find something to help. I have no experience of Citalopram but have gone through two periods of severe anxiety that I needed help with. First time I took good (or bad) old fashioned diazepam, second time an anti-depressant and anti-anxiolitics when needed for panic. I had cognitive behavioural therapy as well but the medication helped a lot. I found, once I knew I had something to help, that I wasn't as anxious anymore. Eventually the clouds lifted and I was able to do without the pills but they definitely helped when I badly needed help. Good luck Kim and take care !

  • Thank you for your comments I really hope they work.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Kim, Sorry you are feeling depressed, I would take the Doctors advice and try the meds, I get depressed alot and it's not a nice place to be. I hope you start to feel better soon. Take care and sending hugs. Nannyb xxx

  • It's so horrible isn't it and as I said I'm fortunate to have a large family. Sorry you get depressed, thank you for your encouragement.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Kimmy I have suffered depression for as long as I can remember(not related to my copd) and resisted anti depressants for years trying to cope with it my own way but about 12yrs ago I was suffering so badly and finally relented I was prescribed sertraline and they keep me on an even keel they do take awhile to kick in ,at 1st you may suffer some symptoms like nausea and head ache but these usually pass quite soon.Hope this helps take care Jean x

  • Hi Kimmy, a couple of years ago I was in a very dark place....I had been very poorly for months, unable to leave the house. I became very depressed, had panic atacks, and so anxious my heart rate was well over 100 most days. When i finally had the courage to speak to the doctor I was prescribed Citalopram 10mg. I want to tell you how much it changed my life... after a couple of weeks or so the black cloud started to lift , I began to eat properly again and my feelings of hopelessness began to disappear. Its not a magic cure for all, but was literally a life saver for me. I had no noticable side effects, and the benefits were gradual, but I do hope it helps you too, and you feel much better very soon.

    Lots of hugs and good wishes, Huff xxxxxx

  • Thank you Huff

    I'm gradually warming to the idea, but I haven't quite plucked up the courage yet. But everyone have definitely eased my fears.

    Kim xxx

  • Thank you Jean

    I sitting here now still trying to decide what to do, I know everyone is right just really unsure.

    Kim xx

  • Take the meds, depression is an illness and part of it is being frightened of what the meds will do! They will help you - really, along with the counselling when you get it. Part of being depressed is being uncertain about everything.

    Take care


  • Well said Emmo

  • Thanks Peeg, we have all been there and understand how awful it is.

    Take Care

  • Thank you Emmo

    I know I'm being silly, but as I said I'm feeling more confident.

    Kim xx

  • Hi Ihave taken these for 3yrs due to depression no side affects there great please try them you will see the difference,

  • Thank you I'm warming to the idea.

    Kim xx

  • Hi Kimmy - I haven't logged on for a long time but am back. Been reading some old posts and remember how welcoming you were. Read you have a scooter now - hope it's helped you get around. How are you keeping - I was wondering if you decided to take the depression help and if so has it helped. Kim (the other one with the husband called bob too) x

  • Take them -antidepressants don't make you sedated-you'll feel better in a week or 2 they lift you up to normal - you can always increase them to 20 mg if not feeling better in a few weeks.

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