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AirSep FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator for sale

My husband purchased this equipment in April 2014 It is an ex-demo model costing £1700. My husband is no longer able to use the equipment and would prefer to sell it on to someone it could be of use to.

The equipment consists of

a concentrator with a 1 to 3 pulse setting with air belt for extra battery duration

weight- 4.4lbs airbelt -1.8lbs

battery duration - 3.5hrs at setting 1 with airbelt 10hrs

2.5hrs at setting 2 with airbelt 6hrs

2hrs at setting 3 with airbelt 5hrs

To charge the unit 3.5 hrs . Airbelt 1hr.

Power supply kit allows charging with AC and DC power supplies ie car

Additional equipment included : Carrying case for concentrator and hold all for all equipment.

Would except £700

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Hi Kersky, I am very interested in buying your portable concentrator. Would you mind telling me where you live? Send a personal message as reply if you prefer. I am in West Dorset.

Best wishes, Jan


Hi Jan I am in Ayrshire Scotland but I would post it to you. Do you need anymore information or a photograph ?



Hi Kersky, I have sent you a message. Let me know if you don't receive it - it's the first time I've tried it.



Hi kersky I am interested in buying if still available I am also from Ayrshire my phone number is 01290810250 if still available if not still give me a phone


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