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Good day


I have had a really good day today, met a really lovely person her shop is fantastic but her energy is so positive,this was one of the good days until I went to the park with my dog, it was a friend who said to me what's happed to you then she pointed to my neck which is very swollen from all the steroids I take been on them now for two months non stop, I was diagnosed 5years ago have watched my dad died 3yrs ago same illness, at first I was in and out of hospital every other month with flare ups now we are doing much better I have good nurse,s who look after me and keep me out of hospital, so I have very bad days like every one else, then you get wonderful days were you meet some really nice people,and changes your life again, I have never asked why me I just take it as life, anyway I hope who ever reads this helps them in some way, that's me I don't stay down long just 10 mins to cry then a pull back up, my one son is so supportive I love him dearly, the other two grown ups can't come near me they don't like what they see so I don't get to see my grandchildren and they grow up so fast so yes life has it's ups and downs, so I'm going to stop now as I'm getting really tried now ,so night all sleep well x

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Lovely post Lyn45, I know exactly how you feel xx

Oh Lyn I too know that feeling only too well. Someone makes you happy with a lovely attitude and friendliness then someone else deflates you. That's it hit the bottom bounce backxx

Stay strong Lynn as life can be so difficult. You know only too well how good people can be and how supportive but there are always those with no tact who don't engage brain before speaking. Sorry to hear that you don't see your grandchildren often but I hope that changes very soon. You take care and wishing you well. xxxxx

So sad about your two children and your grandchildren. Hope things are resolved. Keep being positive.

Lynn, what a Beautiful letter you write, it as so touched my heart with your amazing strength of character, you truly are an inspiration, thank you so much, the one thing you said that touched my heart was when you said of your children. I have no family other than a twin sister, who as asked me to not tell her about my illness as she cant cope with stress, it really hurts to know that sometimes in life we have to walk some paths alone. until I read your Beautiful letter. Once again Lynn. A big!! thank you keep positive and have a lovely safe week. Megan


Hi Lyn.It is wonderful being with positive people,they really do lift your spirits,unfortunately the negative ones do creep in,but I just feel sorry for them,as they are either ignorant,or don't have much joy in there own lives! Sounds as though you handle it well.

I'm so glad you have an supportive son in your life,you so deserve it.The other 2 should hang there heads in shame,I'm sure if they had medical problems,you would have been there for them.I just feel sad for your Grandchildren missing out on a loving Nan,& for you,not being part of there lives,but things do change sometimes,so leave the door open! There's always hope.

Hope you had a good sleep,& refreshed for another day!

Love & hugs to you,Wendells xxx

I know how you feel, you seem to think you can cope and manage with everything, then all you need is one person to say something and then that knocks you for six, I felt like that today, my husbands lung nurse called into to see him yesterday while I was at work, she checked him over and then started to talk to him about getting everything in hand with regard to his will and other things, she then went on to say that she thought he had 3 months to 3 years left and then decided that was that and she would see him again in a few weeks, he was then left to sit with this news for the next 3 hrs until I got home, he told me what she said and I know we aren't idiots and we know he wont have long but did she have too tell him that, we were quite happy not knowing and just dealing with things day to day, we have now got that in our minds that he may only have a few more months not a few years. Some people don't think. I am lucky my son has started to come around and see us now after falling out over something silly, but now my daughter has decided that we didn't support her enough during her divorce and has decided that she doesn't want to bring the children around to see us anymore, it is just so sad sometimes and just a waste of the time that we have all left together. Anyhow, will just get on with it and enjoy what time we have left.

Hidden in reply to badham

That seems to be quite a variable time lapse that the nurse gave!I wouldn't take that to much to heart,I firmly believe that no one can really tell when our time is up,everyone is different,even Doctors are reluctant to put a time to that.

What a shame about your Daughter,could you have a quiet word to her,& appeal on behalf of your husbands benefit?

Anyway enjoy each day as it comes,& don't think to far into the future.

I sincerely wish you both all the best,& as Bobsmum said stay strong,

Hugs to you both xxx

badham in reply to Hidden

Thank you for that, it was so nice of you to reply. We have a support & palliative care doctor at the hospital, and a lovely consultant, so that's why it came as such a shock I think, they have never said anything about the length of time, and he has been living with COPD etc for over 10 years now, and we know there is no cure and what the outcome is but we were happy with just dealing with each day and what came with that day. This nurse has only seen him 3 times and has never been in contact with the hospital, so just don't understand how she can even tell and like you said it is quite a difference in time, so we will take the three years and try and keep that in mind and not the three months. Hopefully, my daughter will come around sooner than later I hope, we will just have to wait and see. Thank you and hugs back. xx

Lyn45 in reply to badham

Hi thankyou for your reply it helped a great deal, I'm so sorry about your husband the nurse just didn't stop to think, please tell him I had the same thing happen to me but it was 3to5yrs and yes it's very upsetting, but really it's up to us when we have had enough and it's are time yes we will close our eyes but not till our time, I hope you understand me with out afending you, I'm more at peace with my self now than the last 60yrs, so please stay strong and safe I'm here if you need me x

badham in reply to Lyn45

Hi thank you for taking the time to reply, and I do understand you and in a way I just want that for him, just to go to sleep and be at peace and out of the pain. Its just that I feel that is all he is going to think about now instead of taking each day as a bonus and enjoying it the best he can. Thank you again for thinking of me and it is nice just to share my thoughts with someone else. x

Sending hugs try to stay strong.

Lyn, take the ups when they are up! don't worry too much about the downs! You can say to yourself when you are down that it's worth climbing the mountain again to see what's on top. sometimes the down allows you to rest.

I get edgy and bored when I am ill in hospital. I read long books, but not those that I like to read! so now, I am thinking of writing a book. that takes long to think about it!

Lyn45 in reply to helingmic

Please you write your book then let us all know and we will read it, ok

helingmic in reply to Lyn45

I love the idea, Lyn. It will take some time to gather a few bits of research, though! Thank you!

Try and keep positive Lyn, I know exactly how you feel. I'm like that so many times, but no-one knows or realises how bad we really feel as we just carry on. Keep fighting lv, in box me if you would like to talk anytime xxx

Hi all thankyou so much for all your hugs and love you have sent me, so very kind of you all, I'm getting to be a real dab hand now at making cakes, and I pass then on to my next door, I do think it's about having balance and when you think you have it it's gone so you try again,so again to my new friends a big thankyou, and if there's any thing I can do for you let me know, I'm here for you too, all stay safe love each other with your kind words loads of hugs x

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