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Well how long has dementia been a big topic and charity ? The dementia friends site says copyright 2014, yet they are on the radio & TV, they are organising fund raising runs and lots of other stuff, they have a face book page, etc, etc. For All the time the BLF have been running why is the public profile so low, why are the big earners who sit on the board of directers at £80,000 a year not doing more to raise awareness ?

Of all the health charities out there why is the BLF so far behind, is it that the BLF is a con and they like the big bucks but do not want to do anything for them ?

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  • BLF is not so much a con as deemed to be not so important maybe as say cancer research, dementia (which is terrible by the way and my mother-in-law has it. It is a very big deal due to affect 1 in 3, enough said) and heart disease. It does seem as if they are all vying for attention and the lung diseases lose out. BLF are doing a grand job to raise awareness and we can, if at all possible, play our part in this too. I tell everyone I can about HealthUnlocked and BLF and have pointed some people in their direction.

    Stay strong all, keep going and be as positive as you can. We can all do our bit if possible or get friends and relatives to help.

    Thinking of everyone on this great site and all you big money earners on the board.....earn your money and get promoting BLF anywhere and everywhere. xx

  • Dementia is an issue mainly because we are living longer than we have ever done and it is showing itself before the old timeline we all lived and died from. I remember when most people accepted that 3 score and 10 was the limit and anything over was a bonus! My mother passed away this year aged 93 of acute leukaemia.

    Heart Disease is a problem I know I have it and only recently on the BBC it was announced that as many as 100 people a week could be missed from having the onset of heart attacks when in A&E. only found out by research.

    BLF have helped me on the phone and email so I can only take them as I see them. I am sure there may be people on the board that are being paid a lot of money and they should justify it. But very often these people have the contacts that many of us do not have that Can make a Difference!

    Be Well

  • I would like to see much more awareness of all lung diseases especially COPD because it is so common. I was told that 1 in 5 smokers will get it yet most people, including smokers have never heard of it. I do my bit to raise awareness in smokers and tell them to seek help if they start getting COPD symptoms. All smokers are aware of the risk of lung cancer (which is relatively uncommon) but not of COPD which is very common.

    There should be a nationwide campaign raising the awareness of COPD - why isn't there? Perhaps someone higher up in the BLF echelons can answer that one please?

  • i thought i heard that the 18th november was going to be a copd awareness day, did i get that wrong !!!!!

    marian xx

  • No you are right marian it is. But I am talking about a campaign to raise awareness of COPD not just a day which most people will take no notice of. There might be things going on in London or the other big cities but if you don't live in one of those it will pass unnoticed. x

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