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Lung Diease Inflamtion & Benerfits Of A Simple VIRUS

Lung Diease Inflamtion & Benerfits Of A Simple VIRUS

Given my latest Experiance with what my GP call's Transient Infection Virus.

Yep today is out there day ... well given my latest round of infection or a virus am still not on antibiotics

And to be honest am glad .. which brings my to subject of my post.

Lung diease ie inflamation or asbestosis for this instance and viruses

Yep given lung tissue martial have been coughing up and my infection rate .. One could say antibiotics and viruses are doing me a favours when it comes to asbestos fiber asbestos cement silaca in my lung tissue and my bodies inflamation responce that is destroying my lungs and what ever else fibers penatrate.

Its quite simple really all viruses surpress your bodies inflamatry responce now in case of asbestos that has to be a good thing as its your bodies responce doing more harm than asbestos

So the issue is how dangerious are virus and when is time to treat with antibiotics ... so your getting benefits from both virus and antibiotics

How mad is that :))

Video is unrelated but of intrest

Picture is of coughed up lung tissue with inflamation asbestos present after my 7% hypertonic saline treatment

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