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Everyone probably knows this but thought I would post it anyway.

Weight maintenance

Nutrition Guide

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Excellent links Jack. Thank you

1st having very clear & simple descriptions of breathing techniques.

2nd weight maintainence for underweight COPD folks

3rd nutrition, contains an excellent explanation on why we need to skip sugar and the bad carbs (as apposed to the good carbs), we were discussing this a couple of days ago.


Thasks. Great advice simply put.X


Loved the advice on weight maintenance, which is something I struggle with. Some good tips on how to increase good calorie intake without getting that too full feeling. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Jack, very useful particularly the breathing exercises. They were mentioned on pulmonary rehab, booklet given but no practical demo or drills, shame. This was great.

The diet section could be a diabetic diet, I am insulin dependent and this mirrors the sort of diet I follow.



i done rehab four years ago,and they gave demo,s and checked all of us were doing it properly,i had problems before rehab and had to have one on one training,ive been really lucky with my physio team


good one,the nutrition guide is good


Hey jackdup did you read the following article to yours;

A woman decided to live without sugar for a year and found herself healthier, as well as her family.


Well I hadn't read it but did read it now. I don't like reading things like this ;-) as I know I should at least be cutting down significantly on sugar or eliminating it completely but that isn't easy to do and I have always had a sweet tooth.


jackdup, quite! I've only managed to cut down on putting sugar in my tea. I put sugar in , in the morning; after that I don't. This is quite an effort!


That is really the only area I don't have to worry about. I did away with sugar in my coffee and tea many years ago by slowly putting less in each time until I got to the point I could do without. Now if I could apply that to other things, sadly there is no way to gradually decrease the sugar in most things I enjoy so have to either completely stop or keep using it and so far have taken the easy route. :-)

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In my opinion, everything is moderation. After all, we do need a little bit of sugar for our nerves. But, I heard it said that bacteria thrive on sugar!

I take Acidophilus. They say that this fight "bad" bacteria when they reach our guts. At least, that one spot where the fight is favourable to us! The lungs are more vulnerable as we breathe in quite a bit.

The blood doesn't take in sugar; all I know is that it's taken in the mitochondria which are the breathing instruments for the cells.

Here's a reference to this amazing chemistry lab in our body.

This may change the value we give to sugar!


Thanks for the links Jack :)


Thank you


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