I have had C O P D . for twelve years and still havn,t come to grips with it. This Site has been a bonus but I don,t seem to fit in. I have had relatively few chest infections but only have 50 per cent of my lungs. When feeling good I live a fairly healthy and active life and actually quite cheerful but once a month I wake up and feel my body has died.

Breathing is shallow ( Blue inhaler makes no difference. ). my oxygen levels are ninetypercent and I get quite depressed. I do not understand the reason for this and wonder if anyone out there can shed any light on it....Peak flow is usually 130...distressed Baily.... Big thanks to any reply,s......xx

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  • Bailey, I am sure by the tone of your message that you are worried and down. For heaven's sake, dont say you dont fit in! Dont undervalue yourself. The best you have done is to come in here and talk about your worries. I do feel you need to talk to your respiratory nurse, GP or the BLF nurse and voice your worries.

  • hi,thats the name of the beast,its signs and symptons can change day to day,im at my best for a few hrs midday,before and after rubbish,this is one of the best for copd there is,not feeling part of it is because we all have it but it affects us all in different ways,hour by hour,i agree with pergola 1 and suzy6,stick with it.your docter could give you a pick me up and the help line staff are great

  • Thanks..x

  • Thank you , it,s not always easy to get a hold of these people everyone is sooo busy. When you feel like this you want help NOW. That is why I like this site...

  • Hi Bailey, of course you fit in. We are all different here, intelligence, social, character wise but hey we rub along just nicely. Pergola is right don't undervalue yourself. Me I often feel I don't fit in a lot of places but that is my shyness and sometimes my complexes other times when I'm down. You sound down to me. We are all here for you. Sorry I can't help on the health issues this C.O.P.D. seems to affect us all differently. Have a word with your Doctor, Resp. Nurse or BLF tomorrow. Take care xx

  • Thanks...x

  • Hi Bailey we are all the same here in as far as we all have varying lung issues,but of course we are all very different.What gets one person doesnt get another,reactions to drugs are different for some.Ultimately we have all joined this site for very similar reasons,to learn about our conditions and how to live with our lungs as they inevitably change.To share how we are and feel at times, whether it be because we're suffering with an infection and poorly,or telling others about how good their day has been or a milestone reached like our Dall05 with his amazing walk the other day! Or perhaps we can help and support somebody who is going through a difficult time.So Bailey you most definitely do fit in :) as the others have said dont be harsh on yourself and maybe have a word with your doc or probably better a resp nurse as they are more likely to understand as they specifically deal with us lung challenged people lol.But hang onto most of your month being good.I too suffer with depression and am going to give meditation a try as ive heard it can help with this and maybe help me get my panic attacks under lock.Nice speaking to you see you soon eh ? :) Janexx

  • Thanks it,s good to share, I am on medication for depression and it,s quite a while since I felt this low, I just have to ...sit it out...but hate it....good luck with yours...x

  • Hi Bailey, Don't feel like you don't fit in, We are all different. I think we all get depressed sometimes, I know I do, I'm like a dam yoyo, one min up next down. If you feel the depression is too much, I would like the other members have advised go see your respiritory nurse. Sending you hugs and take care nannyb xxx

  • What has been said is so true we are all so different in so many different ways.

    You mentioned that you have 50% lungs does that mean they were 100% or you always have had 50 %?

    You also say that you have had COPD for 12 years? I was asked by many doctors and consultants if I had COPD for many years but could not get my GP to even agree that I had a breathing condition! My breathing was blamed on my Heart conditions and weight? After many years of asking I had a Spiro at the GP 's and then the Hospital and it was confirmed RLD. Inhalers are not the answer to my breathing problems either.

    Maybe a up to date test at the hospital or even the GP may put a little more light on your problems.

    Peak Flow for me is an indicator of what I am capable of and use it as a benchmark number. COPD blow and have some left, RLD blow and are empty so the numbers do not help in that case.


    I use this a lot but I think it explains things well.

    Be Well

  • Hello Baily, I think you may find a chat with the nurse a good idea about feeling depressed. I can only add that learning breathing exercise might be good for you, I find doing this has helped improve my lung capacity and helped me to stop shallow breathing. I can now calmly bring my stats back up to an acceptable level after doing most things. I'm all for forgetting my mantle of being a lung compromised being and chasing the youngsters( a few yards!) with a water pistol only to discreetly collapse on the nearest seat and slowly fill my lungs up! in through the nose and out through the mouth pursed lips! ) When feeling good, milk it I say! I walked along the beach ( oxygen on back ) and felt so normal, no breathlessness, it felt wonderful and I know some days the same walk and beach and I'm like a fish out of water, gasping !

    The blue inhaler does nothing for me either, I've been infection free for eleven months and I'm milking it!

    Hope you feel better soon, huff xxx

  • That sounds good, the thing is I don,t need Oxygen just difficulty breathing and no energy, when I feel better I will send a happy post..x.

  • low points ...... simply going out on my electric bike is my tonic. It's the one thing that helps me forget what a crap hand I've been dealt .... it's the one thing that makes me feel completely normal.

    I'm beyond 60, Alpha-1, my FEV1 is about 27%, I can't easily walk 100yards ..... but I can cycle 20 miles on my electric bike - and overtake the lycra lot.

    I grin like a cheshire cat when I'm out on the bike. I keep away from main roads - I can't handle the pollution. Generally I'll drive to a canal, get the bike out & ride along the tow path - pint in a pub.

    It's the one thing that gets me out in the fresh air & takes my mind of things.

  • Sounds good to me, just can,t get motivated at the moment....

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