With thanks

Thanks to all who posted .what a lot of information,which l will use when finding help

Inever wrote any medical history down,here is a synopsis,perhaps give you a better understanding(in case you all think l am a mad woman)

Emphasise a..bronchectasis...angina..m.l. 2007 ...two stents implanted....osteoporosis spine and left hip .soo healthy!!!!

L am 68 years old .live alone and fiercely like my independence.l was misdiagnosed last year and was very ill.last year l had 50%lung function now have 27%.its been a hard road?there is worse than me however that should not stop me trying to improve or at least try to stabilise my condition?this carry on with the aids to help me is unbelievable

I never slept last night,really down.my daughters visited and took me out.now going to rest.l will keep you informed of my progress...if any.again thanks to all overwhelmed by the kindness and support


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Well Nellie you don't do things by halves do you! :) you've had your fair share of ailments but you are a real fighter! Don't worry about the doctors, they couldn't possibly know everything! I've seen those flutter device things on the computer for sale, I could send you the link if you like.

You can improve your condition by exercise and the right nutrition and by keeping a positive mind about everything! Another good way of clearing your chest, give a deep huff, keep huffing and puffing! huff xxxx

Hi buffer puffer,thank you for kind words,I have links.its not that I have difficulty buying..I want guidelines as to how and when to use.maybe it is not suitable ,we are all different therefore l am wanting assessed before .however if the professionals are ignorant of devices then this week l will contact physio nurse at hosp.consultant at hosp and back to g.p.i know and try huffing it leaves me exausted and often without results.i will plod on...May have no g.p. at the end of this


Hello nellie

You have had a long road, to travel but as a strong woman you are going through it to the bitter end, glad you had day out with family, keep going strong says I just been diagnosed with COPD 2 months, not been through nothing as you and most members on this site have, I know not sleeping can get you down, happens to me sometimes, battling with cirrohiss of liver also not alcohol induced, that's the one that keeps me awake at night, any way keep your spirits up if you can and go clubbing that would get your daughters thinking wouldn't it. Keep well / Angse

Hi angsie.made me laugh.had a sleep when l came back.hope l sleep tonight...not to worry.sorry to hear of your health problems.as you've stated other members have a lot more to cope with.l don't think a nights clubbing is on the cards it would finish me off..however in my dreams ...maybe

Take care nelliex

Perhaps I should concentrate on how to use this I -pad properly..l.o.l.



Good info here


Acapella link above from Papworth hospital

Thanks of cut. Just out of bed. Will read shortly and get back to you


You are an inspiration Nellie and long may you keep your independence. It must have been nice to get out with your daughters but very tiring too. Wishing you well. Take care xxxx

Thanks,my family are nice,my friends are wonderful.they have learned about the toll that this disease has and accommodate it.think I would have been Gaga without them all.

Nellie, Like hufferpuffer wrote, exercises will make you better. Gently does it at the start, but then you can get on a cruise missile with this!

I was very ill and on oxygen in 2010. (I'm 30% of lung capacity). I go to the gym regularly 3 times a week. This has been my saviour.

I still get ill. But I return to the gym as soon as I can.

Hope you can do a little bit of exercise, nellie. Take heart.

Hi and thanks.only finished rehab about two weeks ago. Have applied for gym.waiting to hear back. Meanwhile going to town with friends and trying to keep moving. Tele hospital physio today ...got answer machine and no returned call so far.feel that l am hitting my head of a brick wall. I will tele blf for advice and then make appointment to see gp to get him to refer me to consultant.all this for guidelines!!!terrible .god help me when I cannot advocate on my own behalf.going to bed early to watch film ,cold and wet here.heating on,fed and watered.out for lunch tomorrow..This will pass .will exercise but truthfully just don't feel like it at the moment.i also think there is a bit of ageism going on .after65 you are not giving the care you deserve.Oh dear must rise above this.life is precious.


still no reply from physio at hosp.or g.p. that i had asked to tele me once she had heard of devices. i feel like a foolish woman.will try to get app. with g. p. who "specialises" in copd.makes me feel like a nusance.my apoiligies folks, you have been wonderful in your support.will write if and when with progress reports.take care


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