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Lung Diease & Leg Atrophy Cramp

Lung Diease & Leg Atrophy Cramp

Well i got my pip examiners report on my various conditions .. very intresting reading

On first page say's i have normal lung volumes :)

On last page says i have half of what male should have .. anyway 300 1/2 ltr but what i have found out is 200 ltr is resporty failular and shhhh like that

Anyway dont know if oxygen plays part or helps on anything and to be honest all worry about it at that time.

But today my post is about cramp in toes and leg .. anyway reading atos report its says i have leg atrophy

Anyway that would explane my cramps given all my blood test was all ok

As you can imagain there a few issues (1) being my lungs (2) being my leg toe cramps (3) being dwp iidb ripping me of (4) my spinal injury in my l5 S1 compresing my nerver root thus causing leg atrophy cramps and pain

As you can see each condition is compounding the other .. And then you have dwp iidb compounding my condition further.

So how can i excersise if my legs back plays up and if its not my leg back its my lungs

By all accounts atrophy is toxic to the body and like do i really want my mass deteriating further.

Anyway upto my 200 ltr yep am not letting iidb dwp courts judges mp's atos of the hook.

Saying someone is ok when clearly there not is well out of order esp when you was awarded iidb compensation and pension for industrial injury then atos snatch it back of you under guise your ok

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I have COPD, Diabetes, Central Sleep Apnea and PAD in my legs. I sometimes cramp up so bad I can't walk 50-feet. I get an arterial scraping thru my femoral artery down to the leg. It is two procedures as I can't have this minimal surgery done on each side in one day (regulation) Well I never get a cramp and the day of surgery I can go full blast on the treadmill. I found this surgeon on a TV shoe interview and he change my life. He is my angle. I wish I could find other specialist like him for my other ailments.

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thats typical.atos told the army my lungs were okey,the missed the scare running from the shoulder blade to my waste all 24 stiches of it where they removed my lower lobe right lung and they missed the scar of the drain pipe.the second time i walked in sat down in front of the tester,he said you are very puffy looked at the scare told me to get dressed and go home.not worth a fart in a space suite


Hi Daz, you certainly have had a contradictory report haven't you? Saying one thing and meaning another is very odd. I am looking up atrophy as I am not sure if Pete could have that too. He has to see a neurosurgeon in Southampton (heaven knows when!) so I will investigate further I think.

I do wish you well with your health and hope that you do get the right answers from the medical people eventually, but somehow I doubt it. You take care. xxxxx

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Everything's an uphill struggle but never give up fighting Daz- You don't have to accept what they think....It's your body :P


Well all I can say is you are sure going through the mill hun, I suffer with extreme cramp in lower legs at times and my anles seem to want to turn outwards,its so painful I have ended up The in tears.The dr gave me 300mg Quinine and they work a treat..

I sincerely hope you feel a bit better soon ..Laura...

I hope your dr can put all this in normal english for you . Its a disgrace that these non medics are making decisions that they clearly have no stance to be doing. It is a power thing for them and its totally wrong in every sense . Keep fighting and keep well xxx Judith

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I was the same as Squady I gave them my cardiologist report explaining that I have severe lung damage due to a full lung failure plus I showed them my trachi scar and my 2 chest drain scars. I told him of the 12 days on a Oscillator that has a 50% survival rate but but because of the way it works does leave the person with unrepairable damage. ( But I obviously lived ) Plus the 32 days in ICU In the report it stated that I was waiting for a Pace and Ablate as in their opinion I would not survive any other heart procedure due to scaring in my heart! Since my tests on my lungs this has now been cancelled because the cardiologist is not happy with my O2 levels or the hypertension they also found.

I was considered Fit!

I appealed and won at the courts in less than 10 minutes with genuine concerns from the doctor and Judge. This was without my lung consultants letter.


I suffer with terrible cramp have started taking magnesium supplement and it really helps I have gone from cramp every day to occasional cramp.

This makes me so mad I hear on the news today we are sending Doctors out to Syria so all us who have paid in to the NHS can wait a few more months till they get back, I believe charity begins at home I'm sorry for the people of Syria but if we can afford to send Doctors to war zones then why can't we afford benefits for people who need them and why did that ex soldier die because of sanctions been made by this government.

How much money has Atos and Capita cost this government all I see is the amount of stress they are causing genuine people like you and I good luck Daz don't let them grind you down

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