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Bad things happen

Received a parking fine for £60. I parked in a disable bay in a shopping park and spent 54 mins in the shops. What I didn't realise was that you have to pay for parking even if using the shops. They take pictures of your car arriving and leaving which they provided. They allow you 30 mins free then you have to pay but if I had gone to play bingo it was free????

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ignore the penalty notice they are not legal this will be a private company. unless it is from the council then you will have to pay


It is a private company but they are registered. I have decided to deal with it on Monday when I feel calmer. When I do my shopping parking is always free. This car park was new as i have only just got a dog and was shopping at a pet shop.

Enjoy your weekend



I agree with teaky, pay up only if it's from a council. Private companies I ignore.



tell them you had the pay ticket displayed with your blue badge,a lot of the camers dont pick up the do with reflections off the he screen,ive had to send a copy both sides of my blue badge to the camera company,still waiting for the refund,


I would write and ask them to give you an explanation of their charges. If the first 30mins are free this means they are chargeing you £2.50 per minute ( £150.00 per Hour) for the extra 24mins you were shopping.


Google "illegal parking fines" and challenge it. You can get a sample letter from one of the sites. Your blue badge entitles you to 3 hours and would not be visible in the photos as you would not be displaying it on entering and leaving the site. The fact the company is registered doesnt matter, they are just bloodsuckers and the only people who can actually fine you are the council. What you have received is an invoice not a fine. I have recieved one for allegedly overstaying in a shopping park in Wales while on holiday and I will not be paying it.


Sorry and I forgot to say dont pay and challenge, just challenge. You will wait for ever for a refund.


I agree with Teaky-19 too - ignore them. It happened to me, I parked in a disabled bay and they sent me a £60 fine.

Luckily, at the time I was studying a module in corporate and business law and somewhere I had read that only local bodies like the council can create bye laws and any unpaid fines from them would be illegal. Any unpaid 'fines' from private companies are simply unpaid invoices and you can't be prosecuted for those.

Ignore the fine, if you contact or challenge them, then you're acknowledging the 'fine' and will never get them off your back and eventually you will have to pay the £60

They sent me reminder letter and threatening letters (2 or 3) but in the end they just went away.




I would send them a letter explaining that you have displayed your Blue Badge that allows you 3 hours parking every where else in the UK and the reason that you were over is because of your disabilities. If you wish to pursue this further my local radio and newspaper may report on the matter!

I take it the pictures are of you entering and leaving the store not you parking? They do not have a legal right to fine you but can send you an invoice for the amount stated on their Terms and conditions notice, they have to be in a easy to see position so if they do not have one near your car or the store entrance they may not win if it went to court.

The only way they can collect the money is in the courts for non payment of an invoice.

Be Well



Shopping malls, supermarkets, ect. Are private car park, operated on behalf of the land owners, by registered operators .

Normal blue badge rules do not apply.

If the operater is registered any penalties are legal binding, providing there is sufficent signed indicate pricing, terms of user and penalty charges.

Do not delay any action you intend taking as pricing will increase.

Speak to the operate listed on the notice, and contact the store manager that you was visiting. They make take a lenient view..

My local mall, no charges and allows blue badge holder to use the mother and child bays. There is time limits. Ours is two hours.

Same penalties for any infringement , they always check for misuse in disable bays


All you have to do is send the invoice back with Magna Carta written on it, as the original law which has never been repealed states that you can only be fined through a court of law. If you wish to check just type in Magna Carta parking fines in your search engine.


At my local town centre disabled get a cheaper parking rate this is owned by a private company so does this mean if you have a blue badge you can park for free ? all the surrounding retail parks are free parking to all for 3 hours


Were there any car park attendants about? If the answer is No.

If so, then you could consider sending the following if the facts are correct or amend it to your specific situation.

His conditions fit the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010. Businesses have an obligation under the Act to make reasonable adjustments to help disabled individuals access their goods, facilities and services.

Dear Sir/Madam


My father recently received a £100 Penalty Charge from a company called UKPC, it was issued between on XXXXXXXXXX. UKPC is retained by XXXXXXXXXX for parking enforcement. The location that the Penalty Charge refers to is XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX.

My father who is XXXXXX years old suffers from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. He would certainly needed more time than an able-bodied and well person would need. My father is more than willing to provide proof of his medical conditions if requested. (Amend)

His conditions fit the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010. Businesses have an obligation under the Act to make reasonable adjustments to help disabled individuals access their goods, facilities and services.

UKPC camera system is fatally flawed in this regard that it applies an arbitrary time limit with no human being on site manning a kiosk or actually engaged in any way in parking management. (Amend)

UKPC has caused unnecessary distress to my father who has serious conditions as stated previously. The failure of UKPC to adhere to the Equality Act 2010 by facilitating a manned kiosk, but instead they rely on remote cameras rather than a person in the car park who could be made aware of any special need covered by the Equality Act 2010. (AMEND)

On behalf of my father, I would ask XXXXXXX to give serious consideration in this matter and to withdraw in full the Penalty Charge made by UKPC with immediate effect.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


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