thanks for all the help,i got to see the best doctor in my surgery,he thinks it is not the inhayers causing the heart problem,but copd putting a strain on the heart,sent me to get full bloods and thyroid tests,and putting me in touch with a heart specialist.my conclusion is this is the start of end stage copd,time to start fighting for my life "no pun intended"

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  • That's good squady. Once they know you can be helped. That's the attitude get in there and fight the good fight.xx

  • thanks for the response,its bad enough fighting the bugs,but its harder fighting the system and when the government change the goal posts thats the limit,but i willfight it been down that road since 1962,but it will be so easy to let it wash over me

  • I had my heart checked by ECG and ultra sound last year, all was supposedly ok, but my rates are all over the place now never below 80 and the slightest exertion they jump up to 110-122. Also as soon as I get up on a morning they are really high.

  • thanks for the reply kad21,i had a lot of esg test same resas you,but another good nurse who knows i dont complain without reason new it was wrong,she found i was tackycardicand pushed for a twenty four hour tape,you should push for the same,your symptoms are a ringer for mine,i got a sport monitor so i can check it on the move,i went for a bumble round my local lake and maxed 130 but its been 160 early this week.you go push your docter the 24 hour tape and let us know how you get on

  • Hi squady. My Ann also as serious Heart trouble. Yes stage 4 heart failure and wow the Medication her specialist gave her are controlling it. Yes it was being blamed on a certain inhaler was causing it and yes the rumours were writhe however that inhaler was cleared and is now going back on the market I have been informed by Ann's Heart nurse Specialist. You ples keep us informed. We are all here for one another Bless.

  • thanks breathless,hope ann keeps as well as possible,i have not used the inhaler in question for forteen days,but im tackycardick,they will sort it i hope god willing take care

  • Glad that you are finding an end to your COPD, but there isn't. I have had it for a number of years now and last month was an awful one. To complicate things I had a chest infection and with the COPD I was in serious trouble with my breathing. I spent five days in hospital on inhalers and more drugs and a lot of panic. I was as well as I ever been in years when I went home. Three weeks later and I have another chest infection, this is being dealt with by my own practice.

    You will have better days with your COPD and bad ones but it is here to stay my friend. No point telling you lies is there? Whatever inhalers you are given by your practice, use them well and you will get relief.

  • hi ikenseven,thanks for the reply i can feel for you pal .i had the lower lobe cut out in 1970,ive stopped all my drugs to see if this heart problem stops,but now i know the the score i will pick up the support drugs including the inhalers and nebulser,you are right about the good and bad days ,but when i do get an infection its straight on the antibiotic for five days anr preds for ten days,sad thing i find the preda taste like poo in a bucket,and for the sake of a few pence we have to put up with it,there is preds on the market with a red coating but they wont prescribe them.at least im not on o2 yet even though im stage 3 severe,are you on preds to stop your infections

  • Please don't think like that. I was told a few weeks ago that I have End Stage Emphysema & was expected to be wheelchair bound but Hey I can walk (obviously not miles) but I do manage to work 4 days week. Just keep thinking positive and remember these Medics probably know less than we do about this horrible disease!

    All the best


  • dont take notice of me,im on a low,but i will come back fighting,i admire your spirit and agree the medics dont know as much,good luck for the future

  • Like suzy said, once they know, etc. But more to the point, once YOU know what's happening, you can take yourself in charge through exercises, eating and sleeping as regularly as you can. Have confidence in your own body that can retard the deterioration if you help it!

  • thanks helingmic,you and suzy are right

    i put the handle on bronchiectasis

    one on the lung resection

    another on copd,and now this heart thingy on top,

    i tried my lake walk twice today but the second left me drecnched and sats of 99/136.

    ive prooved the puffers and meds are not the cause,so i will start my support drugs up again in the morning,take care

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