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Launching a respiratory Strategic Clinical Network

John Nash - who is the chair of his local Breathe Eas support group - was really disappointed when his hospital closed down the stop smoking service that was so helpful to him.

Determined to make a difference, he has helped launch his area's Strategic Clinical Network.

It's a really exciting scheme that should hopefully be really helpful for people with lung conditions.

You can read his story here:

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Hi Kevin - You may remember that many of us (patients) contacted our MP's when 'respiratory' was totally ignored and left out of the SCN's in 2012, so it is good to read of the success in John's area. Is this a 'one off' or can all of the regions now expect to be included in SCN's - as recommended by the All Party Parliamentary Group's report on inquiry into respiratory deaths? Is this finally being funded by NHS England and the DoH? Please could you update us on the overall nationwide situation on this? Thank you, Vanessa Smith.


I know that John is hopeful this scheme will be so successful it will de adopted throughout the country.


Sounds like a great idea and needs to be rolled out Nationwide. So many people could benefit. thanks for the post. xxx


Inspiring post. It is a shame that they have to make things happen because it is an easy budget to scrap. When if all the MP's put a freeze on their pay rises it could still be funded. Or even paid their own drinks bill in the house.

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Don't forget that Live Well Suffolk can help you stop smoking. Contact them on 01473 229292, e-mail:

Live Well Suffolk are a wonderful organisation who can help you learn how to: eat healthily so that you lose weight; learn to cook healthy meals; aquaerobics; yoga; and walking. Their Stop Smoking scheme recently won an award for their success in helping people give up smoking. So if you live in Suffolk why not contact them to see how they can help you?

Take care everybody, Lizzy.


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