Pip Consolation Report PA4

Pip Consolation Report PA4

Ukempt person & Serial 7s test

Yumi ... i think i half thought about what he said in video infact he said nothing what i read i meanz .. then it vanished Kinky a think not Spooky a think so

Anyway back to chewing the cud and thinking about illness and unkempt appearance and serial sevens and chronic lung diease .. a blame the woolly hat personaly


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  • Hi Daz, I definitely did not think of a red hammer. I thought about a green saw so what does that make me? No, don't answer that! Take care. xxxxx

  • Hi sassy cheers thats nearly i.e nearly like mine

    How lucky is that .. Lol

  • Good fun Daz xx

  • I thought about yellow screwdriver!! Mind you, I realised the 'expected' answer was red hammer so didn't bother doing the sums, just sat thinking about colours and tools. Devious huh! :-)

  • Yer i did two sum's got them right then i started chewing the cud :))

    Was all a blur till end .. Lol

  • Yellow spade.

  • What can a say toci ... :) a never seen yellow spade i only seen half red hammer :))

  • Hmm yellow spade me.

  • Hi suzy6 cheers yer same as toci :)

  • I wish. They are intelligent. Me I was told am just crafty and cunning.!!

  • Red hammer for me ! Apparently, I'm normal. Woohoo !

  • Hi argana yer me to .. Well i only had hint was blur

    I must be half normal .. that why atos might of asked if i was a psychopath

    Anyway a told em firstly would one tell you and secondly why could a not just be ill

    Anyway you be plesed to know am no psychopath


  • green hammer and did all the sums

  • Hi offcuts nice to see ya .. Yer i only got two right.

    Think thats why yours was green as you answerd em all correct .. defo must be well on the ball

    Yer serial sevens as known is part of pip farse assesment and shaking hands .. Also if you can use your phone to ring a ambulance you ok apartly

    Mad in it ... anyway seen ya on health thing and commented :))

    Hope ya all good fella

  • Being able to add up does not help my breathing or get rid of the pain I get. I am getting more crystals on my joints not my brain but they do not want to see that ?

  • Defo agree there .. yer my doc's wont tell me anything anymore

    I have one gp tell me my lung are totaly fuuuu

    Then av other saying am geting over infection

    My lung doc just seems to think i should not ask questions

  • Red drill for me so half normal

  • I had red hammer, how did he know?

  • Sorry mate, don't do gobbledygook. Where's the red hammer come from?. I appear to be missing something. Brain cells maybe!

  • I'm confused were we to score 10 out of 10 for the maths I did is that what this is all about

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