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Well folks after being grilled by a 'Matron Type' Judge for 2 hours she decided the 5% disability assessment awarded by the DWP was incorrect so she increased it to 20% (whoohoo) then improved my £16 weekly allowance by £2.37p a day (yippee-Down the pub tonight !!!). But before i spend all my new found wealth it is only for a year where I will have to be re-assessed in case of improvements !!!!! Wish I was intelligent enough to distribute the laws of the land to commoners !!!! .... Might give the celebration down the pub a miss tonight until I can save up a bit !!!!! .... You've got to laugh :) :o :P

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Well done on achieving that result, hubby also had to go annually to see if he had improved, the first year he had improved slightly but they did not reduce his money, the second year he had a chest infection when he had to go, they even made him a cup of tea lol. Then we received a letter to say that his money would stay the same but he would not have to attend any more examinations.

Now, don't spend the 59 extra pence all at once!!!!! :( glad your disability has gone up a bit. Boy, these people are extremely optimistic aren't they - another assessment next year to see your improvements. Have they even heard of COPD??????????????????????? Good luck - have fun. :)

Wow! if you change your mind and I see you down the pub I'll buy you a pint and we'll celebrate! The mind boggles! you didn't see them get out of a spacecraft did you? :P :) xxx

At least you survived the grilling plumbob. Well done anyway. xxx

at least you got a result if only for a year.,ive been told i will have my disabled pension, till death stops me claiming it,i call that another nail in my box

I have been told that I will not improve and been given a prognosis based on me not getting a major infection but DWP still insist on a 12 month review. They seem to think the magic pill my consultant says has not been made is just around the corner!

A Vast amount of the DWP budget is on pensions and less than 1% is fraud but they seem to want to make the disabled the easy target?

Be Well

They're a bunch of ass holes that get their answers of the computer

Not a bad result, your allowance doubled. You need to be grateful for small mercies with this government.

The word 'chronic' is critical ...... you don't have COPD, non of us do ..... we must all refer to it as having CHRONIC COPD' ...... meaning it's bad, it's long term & it will only worsen, there is no known cure & your condition will never improve.

To re-assess you annually is a complete and irresponsible misuse of public money.

...... I stated that at my hearing, supported by a letter my consultant had written which basically made the exact the same points.

I won't ever have to go back ..... the magistrate actually questioned why my appeal was in front of her.

Well done in fighting them on the waste of public funds but we are the easy targets so being educated by ppl like you surely helps us all!!

Well done Plumbob,this government steels our money and wastes it on these stupid,pointless reviews.Makes me so angry.Glad you had a victory though.Good luck!

Cheers Plumbob! Great outcome,so pleased for you.now get the glad rags on,& go & celebrate!! xxx

Thanks to all you wonderful heavy breathers out there your support and comments are appreciated... To be positive a gain is a result no matter how much- But rather than say improvements (thinking they can reduce payments) why don't they say changes ?? I don't really understand there definition of Degenerative & Terminal !!! But I'm only a thin engineer!!! ......

Thanks again for all your positive support - Plumbob X (happy faces just for you farmer ) :0 :P :)

Congratulations Plumbob the drinks are on you then. I don't understand I thought you were going to appeal about not been given PIP.

It might be the DWP and Atos have been told the liver will regenerate so they think all internal organs will lets hope so we can all have a long drink on you mate

onamission I am suffering from Asbestosis & Emphysema and was retired on grounds of ill health due to the asbestosis,and my appeal was against the DWP just assessing me at 5% disabled though I was told I as unable to work !!- I did apply for PIP and was awarded it after getting my MP involved to rattle cages.

I have spent over a year trying to get funds that other people seem to have thrown at them, and until last year when I was retired I had never been unemployed and paid into a pension scheme since I was 17, and now thats biting me in the A**e because my pension had grown and I was getting over £10 a year things are means tested and I'm not entitled to free medical or dental works !! Yet I am aving to sell my home as I can't afford a mortgage on my pension - frustrating GRRRR.- Moan over :)

Right I'm with you now and yes I fully understand about means tested my old man works all over the world pays loads of tax yet he earns much less than them who you say '' other people get thrown at them '' out of his wages he pays for everything. I worked all my life up to a couple of years ago, I worked solid nights { NHS } brought my own car and because the old man has the tax allowance I was taxed as a single person and now I'm unable to work I can't get any help yet I still have to run a car and pay for glasses, teeth and prescriptions and now we can only have two spine blocks a year because of NHS and no funds I have been paying for spine blocks out of saving witch I no loner have and this is why I'm back on morphine.

Is a disgrase yer atos had fun with me to and iidb .. a cant understand how you can be award for life then reassed every year.

How that work anyway yer and its means tasted Shhhhh next time all or nothing

If i was to marry would any iibd award pension carry on to my wife

Well done Plumbob. Not a fortune but at least they know that ATOSsers were wrong with their scoring!!! Good luck n thank you xx

Well Plumbob, I was very busy yesterday and today as everything takes longer these days so just spotted your "good news" still guess a small rise is better than none. But it is a lot of hassle for such a small pittance, plus how much does this system to approve it cost?, money that could be being given to the claimants wouldn't you say??? Hopefully this is a start to their acceptance that you are disabled and who knows on review it may go up fingers crossed. Well done to achieve a result. Enjoy what ever the extra buys you.

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