Good news for me today

I was on 4lpm continous flow oxygen 15 hours per day plus ambulatory, at resp clinic about four weeks ago reduced oxy intake to 2lpm only when sleeping and amb. Today have come out of the clinic, stop oxy at night and only require ambulatory on pulse and resp nurse going to talk to consultant about stopping ambulatory, we shall hear the outcome of this later. I am over the moon and some of that improvement is down to you folks, I read everything and take on board and try various things you talk about e.g vitamins, manuka honey, I have been going to pulmonary rehab and pushing myself, I have joined a walking group and get out twice a week, also taking azithromycin which is my miracle drug. Happy day :)

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  • That is so cool ! Great news ! :)

  • Well done ! It's great to read such an encouraging post and an incentive for all of us to do our best.

  • Brilliant news . I think that exercise lifts the spirits as well as being physically beneficial . I too joined a walking group afew months ago ....good exercise , fresh air ,meet new people and see new places .

    Hope you continue to improve .

    Cheers Coastal .

  • Great news, it is so good when there is improvement, so pleased for you

  • Wowed. Well done. Do you know criteria for needing ambulatory oxygen?

  • Hi juliekay, my sats were 72 when I first went to respiratory clinic and I desaturated quickly when I did 6 min walk test so my organs were not getting enough oxygen, so immediately they put me on 4 lpm fifteen hrs a day and ambulatory, other than that I don't know x

  • From what I remember the general indicated is when your blood oxygen regularly is reading 92% on an oximeter. That is certainly what trigger my referral. Rib

  • Impressed!

    Well done great to hear a very positive result.

    Be Well

  • Wow,go girl! You must be so pleased with yourself,marvellous effort,congrats xxx

  • Thank you all for your comments, couldn't have done it without this forum x

  • How did you do that please.x

  • Prescribed azithromycin which has helped me enormously eight weeks now, take multivitamins and garlic capsules daily plus a spoonful of Manuka honey daily. Exercise at pulmonary reghab twice a week and at home, plus I joined a walking club, that's all I have been doing. I think most if it down to azithromycin however the rest has helped xxx

  • Congrats. You must be so pleased. I cannot imagine how wonderful it was for you to get the news. Fingers crossed for the ambulatory. Rib

  • Well done for working so hard for that fantastic achievement.

    polly xx

  • Blimey ! Well done you... That is inspiring

  • Well done! You are an inspiration. I too am on oxygen at i/2 litre 15 hours daily + - low because I am a CO2 retainer. One COPD Nurse told me that once you were on oxyen that was it for life! Dangerous woman. Once again, congratulations.


  • That is great! must try the manuka though. Keep it up.

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