FDA Bans USE of Quinine Bisulphate 300mg

FDA Bans USE of Quinine Bisulphate 300mg

Went doc's today and he persrcibed Quinine Bisulphate 300mg

Usally a would not question my gp's opinion BUT think am going to give them a miss.

As its ww1 remembrance week Quinne was used at war time as antiseptic .. might come in handy if i get ebola so all keep em :)

But yer what is my doc tiring to do really .. The FDA as issued 2 warnings over pharmaceutical giants still advertising Quinine Bisulphate as a safe treatment for FOOT CRAMPs


As am taking Viagria i would defo have to pass on it

But research on EBOLA vaccines are intresting to say the least :


Staying with ww1 theme ebole virues germ warfare and Quinine Bisulphate


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  • Very many years ago Quinine was used for colds, etc. It was also used by ladies who were "accidentally" pregnant to try and abort. How times have changed! - thank goodness.

  • Hi Losisiana cheers thanks for reply yer dont think pharacutical companies dont like talking about that side of drug ... am sure it took em yers to fes up to it to

    My links you may also find of interest

    Cheers thanks

  • NO! noone would talk about it! - I only know because a friend of mine tried it .....the doctor wrote down she had a severe cold...nothing about being pregnant! After all of that, the quinine didn't work and she had a baby after all....of course, hot gin was supposed to do that same :):)....girls today have no idea how it used to be for women before the seventies. Hope you are OK :)

  • Hi Louisiana i was just a twickle then .. But yer i rember one cold water tap and outside tolets

    and fun i had with Fog or Polution.

    That was grim But can guess how bad things must of bin for women ladies girls

  • your havin a rough time of this, yes I read side effects of out personally,and ive gone thro your links,wishing you well dazisnotsogood keep going all the best,xx

  • Not heard of that one Daz. The only quinine I know of is in my tonic when I have a G&T. Cheers mate and take good care of yourself. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Daz,

    No worries. I've been taking Quinine Bisulphate for as long as I can remember. Just one tablet before I go to bed, stops all the agonising cramps that I used to get in my legs and feet. It took years to find a remedy that worked and I was tried on everything, even the medication that's given to people that suffer with spastic limbs, but nothing else worked. I wouldn't be without my Quinine, so don't knock it 'til you've tried it. There are no side effects. N x

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