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good morning

sat last night and wrote replies to everyone who contributed to my queries about bubbles,then it all went downhill taking my posts with it.l really must try and learn how to do stuff on the computer

will post my progress as l get answers from g.p./phyiso.

again thanks,you are all a kind caring group and have shown me that there is support and understanding

kindest regards nelliex

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Good Morning Nellie. I missed your post about bubbles, sounds intriguing! Hope you have a great day, huff xxxx


Ooooh - soooooo pleased to hear a soulmate as far as computers go!!!! :)


Welcome to my world l.o.l

I shout at mine.i switch off and say ...fix it yourself ,,,and it does!!!!

Take care. Nelliex


Hi Nellie,

Me too! Mind doesn't fix itself though. In the past, when I first got it, I have been known to throw it across the room in frustration, aiming carefully, so that it landed on bed or sofa and did not hit the cat! You'll get there, just keep plugging away, and don't give up.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx


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