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Sat last night and wrote a thank you message don't know what happened to it.therefore thank you all for your guidance,support and encouragement,much appreciated.

Will make g.p. appointment next week and will let you know outcome. L haven't heard of bubbles method--ever.i will be asking why,wonder if it's different because I live in Scotland..I fully intend to continue to blow bubbles as it has improved my lungs so much after only a few days.will move on from bottle and straw as I expect the dissapproval of the health experts.

Thanking you all ,will keep you are all wonderful.its so good to talk to people who understand.l used to say l would get more sympathy if I had a bandage

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Is it the bubble pep you are talking about sweet

I doubt very much your GP will have even heard of it ;-) It's an easy method for kids but fun for us too. Glad it is helping you get up the gunk. You could ask your GP for a prescription for the Flutter - you may find that helpful too.

love cx


Ah so! you've been blowing bubbles to help with the mucus! that's a good idea, it also helps to thin out the mucus if you could drink more fluids. Also there's a good way of clearing your chest using the 'huff' method, I had a link but can't find it now! If you go to Pulmonary Rehab they give you lots of information about clearing your chest, your doctor can refer you for a course. Have a great day, huff xxx


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