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afternoon all . i dont know if yous will remember but my hubby and i were waiting for a bungalow off council we have been waiting since nov 2012 . my hubby got put on lung transfer list in feb and we thought things were finally movin but no council accomadation even though occ health and hospital social worker . anyway cut a long story short my sister inlaw obtained a 2 bed bungalow with shower off road parkin just what we needed so we approached her and hey presto we moved in 0n the 7 july .but again the council have put cat amongst the pigeons we are only elidgable for 80 pound rent and now they saying we might not get any because its family were renting off . my hubby dosnt need this stress n niether do i has anyone else had this problem i am feelin vicamised and have been sine 2012 .i will struggle the pay short fall has it is but to get no rent rebate . were do you turn too everyone is inendated with ques of complaints thx for listening x chrissy

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  • thhttp://www.pims.co.uk/landlord_Housing_Actis link is all I can find up to now, I read on this some were ie relatives owning a property or renting of a relative, ile keep lookin and don't let it get to you,move in and hold on to it,and stuff the powers what be, all the best , keep ranting all you like get it all owt, all the best, and enjoy your new home, xx

  • links not workin ile try again xx

  • Go to Citizens' Advice Bureau - they are excellent., or phone them, but you have to hang on for ages as their lines are busy. If you can, go to an office of theirs and be prepared to wait...they have solicitors, etc. Good luck :)

  • Sorry - I forgot about Help the Aged...if you are in that age bracket, they even come out to the house sometimes....so worth a try.

  • tameside.gov.uk/housingbene... ile keep lookin, xx

  • Hi most housing offices have welfair rights guys women .. As a private tenante a think you still have rights to use there services esp in recipt of housing benerfit

    Might be worth bowling down there and ask for carifaction on law governing housing benerfit and realatives .. am not 100% but am sure its ok if its not son or daughter

  • england.shelter.org.uk/get_... hope this 1 helps, xx sorry fir the links ive been lookin wherever ,:)

  • m.england.shelter.org.uk/ge... other 1 hear, its ok im very well lol not of my trolley yet with the links ive put up, :)xx

  • Try complaining to the Ombudsman, hope things start looking up soon, huff xxx

  • Could you see your local councillor hun. Good luck getting this sorted out.

    love cx

  • Hi, this article from Shelter explains fully, it appears that it is all down to the type of tenancy agreement you have with your sister in law. The other part of your question is to do with what the Local Housing Allowance is, for my Council it is £93.10 per week, other Councils have different rates.

    This is the link for Shelter england.shelter.org.uk/get_...

    Good luck

  • Good luck hon. I'm sure all is not lost. Can you go to or write to your mp? Keep trying, one thing government offices n officers are expert at and that is fobbing people off.

    Blf have advisors too, worth a try 03000 030 555

    Age UK also assist if you're in that age bracket.

    You rant as much as you like but keep doing breathing exercises to help your inner calm! X

  • Hi chrissyk we are also waiting for a bungalow but not in the same dire situation you are but after seeing our MP he spoke to the council and housing organisation and managed to prioritise us higher up on the list so we have first(ish) refusal -It may be worth a try !!-Good Luck Plumbob

  • Sorry to hear of your plight Chrissy. Follow all the advise given and good luck. Keep fighting.xx

  • thx everyone for advice x i have written a letter and i have a statment from 2012 what the occupational health wrote when we first needed accomadation x they couldnt put lift in our other home because of cost so weve put up with living downstairs my hubby got a comode backrest and blocks to raise chair ha he suffers with hip and back too it also states we need 2 bedrooms has i have copd i was payed off in 2011 with ill health i manage to keep mine well under control but some times i get flare up and im terriefied i pass any infection on to my hubby so when its the blind leading the blind my sons step in so the rent we should be entitled to 95 but they only allowing 80 n that is if we get it becuse of the circumstance im so pleased i wrote on here yesterday yove all armed me with amunition to fight our corner thxs again x chrissy

  • I had the same problem as sometimes I had to stay upstairs because I dreaded going back up 'everest', my stairs to use the loo or for whatever. I was looking for a one story home. A bungalow. Social services put in for a grant and put in a stair lift for me. It is wonderful being able to go up my stairs whenever I want now without being breathless despite using oxygen. Why didn't your social services do that for you? Has saved me moving home and is now like living on a single story home.

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