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Hi hope yous are all feeling ok or a little better today... Just wanted to ask with copd and when you get breathles with it, does it mean not being able to or finding it hard to breath or do people mean getting out of breath very quick has you would if walking fast or doing someting active because i am asking for a freind age 64 who i keep trying to get him to stop the smoking who says it is his age the reason he gets out of breath quick when waliking up a few stairs and thinks if he gives up smoking now he will get worse and more problems and not worth it at his age because he has never had any problems with his health

Try if can keeping active everyone

and good luck


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Hi,yes I get out of breath with activities and trying t o walk to fast,sounds like your friend has already thought about stopping smoking ,his conclusion is he may feel worse, so we can't do it for anyone else, he's aware of his condition,some of us are independent souls,he will notice his breathing and decide what's best for him,don't worry ,encourage him ,at least he has a friend that cares,good luck.

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Hiya Music, I get both,I get breathless some days by not doing much at all, my lungs feel expanded and can't take in any air, and then there is the other side where as I do something a little bit strenuous, like sweeping the patio and my breathing becomes quite laboured that I have to neb and wait for it to come back..

As for the smoking side of things,I will say I gave up many moons ago, but I did get worse..I don't know if I felt too ill to smoke any more, or I became worse after giving up ..(if that makes sense)

Its so nice he has a good friend like you..

Regards Laura ...


Walking too quick and I get " Puffed out ". Overdoing something strenuous and I get " Breathless " ( gasping for breathe ). I have avoided the second one for over a year now.


thanks for replys good to hear from you again puff


Good to hear from you too. How's things been ? :)


Hi puff hope your ok i am still on no meds and exercise few days a week and seem ok just hope it stays that way for a while did well last winter but i think we had a mild winter anyway.

sometimes if i chat i seem to come to the end of my breath quick and have to take a breath to carry on my chat if this makes sence and i do get tired and wake in the night and cant get back to sleep.

also if i exhale until i am ready to inhale i can carry on straining exhaleing breathing out for a while if you know what i mean and because of this i think i have mild copd and i think

this is the emphysema but i dont get breathless and can still run up 5 or 6 flights of stairs so am still fairly fit and after i have done some exercise and stand still i can hold my breath for 40 seconds wonder if anyone has tryed that one

sorry about spelling good luck Music


I wish I could do all that ! :)


Hi music...could be that your friend is either generally out of condition, or/and the smoking is having a bad effect. You're making the right suggestions to him though like the rest of us he'll have to come to his own decision at some point.

I have severe asthma and emphysema which, as with any lung damage, means I'm not able to be very active. Sometimes, when I think of my previous lifestyle (reasonably active, countryside lover, walking and horse riding) I wonder how things might have been without the disease? :(

Still, no use crying over spilt milk! - we just gotta get on with what we have. Like Porche I stopped smoking a few years ago but have also continued to worsen...guess that's the nature of the beast.

Have a decent weekend everyone and for those who are struggling hope things ease up soon.

Lovelight xxx

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Hi music ,

Can understand your concern fo your friend , as you like myself have seen definite improvement in your health since stopping smoking . However as love light says I think everyone has to come to their own decision .

I know that I spent many years ....probably most of my life.....avoiding parental advice , children's distaste government health warnings, medical advice , dentist concerns and general nagging from friends and acquaintances. In the last few years I even ignored warning signs of my own deteriorating health .I failed to seek medical help for chest infections as I didn't want the "smoking lectures " . I think the smokers mind must work in strange ways.........the power of addiction overides common sense .

With me it was the copd diagnosis. At our surgery you can book in for spirometry with the nurse without going through the doctor . Could you possibly , tactfully suggest he does this .....maybe a step too far !

Anyway I have a couple of friends who continue to smoke one of whose health is being affected . The temptation is to keep offering advice. ........but did I ever pay attention ? As people on here have often said "everyone has their own time " to quit . For some it takes a major wake up call , others a gradual realisation .

Its good he has you as a friend . As lovelight said the breathlessness may be due to being out of condition ......being overweight and other health conditions can sometimes cause sob. Think it best to offer occasional gentle advice and am sure that you have already shown him how much your own health and fitness have improved. I too am finding it difficult to know how much advice to offer my own 2 friends.

Cheers Coastal .

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Thanks for advise everyone and what your saying coastal is so true

cheers Music


It is great that your friend has such a good friend in you. 64 years is no great age. It should be a Great Age. Rib

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May be worth heart check too . Problems there can also cause breathlessness. As quitting can make breathlessness worse at first as crap comes up with coughing your pal will need to make sure all breathing help is in place ... like medications including to help bring mucus up etc etc . Good pal you are :)


I,ve been in some dangerous situations,threats of violence to me,accidents etc. The most frightening thing I,ve ever had was not being able to breath,like trying to make a snowball by catching snow flakes(I know a crazy metaphor) but that,s what it took and I decided then to stop smoking altogether,I,d already given up fags a year previous if you get my drift.I did stop and my condition has got worse but if I had not stopped I would be dead by now I,m sure.I hope your friend gives up before he reaches this stage,the best of luck to you both,you,re a good friend to have.D.


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