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A Joke for Whit

A vampire bat came back in from the night, face all cover in bloody and parked himself on the roof to get some sleep.

Pretty soon all the other vampire bats in the cave smelt the blood and were hassling him to find out were he got it. An hour passed and he finally lost his temper and yelled at the other bats ' Ok I give in, follow me!'

Off he flew with hundreds of excited bats in tow, all dribbling at the thought of a feast, when all of a sudden he slowed down, and yelled to the bats behind him.

'Can you all see that massive oak tree over there?'

YES, YES, YES they screamed in unison

Well I bloody didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HI Muckster,

Ha ha ha. That was a good one. Never heard it before. Its given me a good giggle.


Huggs xx




Haha that is so funny x


:D :D :D


should have looked where he was going,good one


Fabo! loved it, you made me laugh! :) xxxx


That was a good one :)


Oh noooo! poor little vampire bat! I found it really jaw dropping! ha,ha,ha!


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